Did they move reptile armor away from dregs

I cant find recipe, wondering if it was moved from dregs

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Not as far as I know. Should still be that red book you read after killing the boss.

The book has been invisible the last couple times this one ran that dungeon.

It is still there, on the stairs leading down into the drained acid bath that the slug, snake, succubus, thing monster boss chills in. It (like elephants and often rhinos in this one’s version of the game) is just invisible.

Climb down into the pit and click like a mad pe- look for a prompt to interact on the steps.
Do so quickly, the acid does refill.
Don’t accidentally leave.


Sadly beat him 3 times and click mad and only thing x to interact on my Xbox but no luck. I really wanted that armor

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It’s still in the same spot it always has been. If you can remember the approximate location, you might be able to find it. I’ve ran the dungeon with others and they’ve gotten it before. Not easy, but it’s there. Hopefully that will be one of the invisible assets they fix with the next update. Not holding my breath, but maybe?

That is most unfortunate.
This one has had it go invisible, but never not be there.

This may be answered by framerate. The PlayStation enforces a framerate, whereas the PC does not. If the FPS flutters, is variable, is struggling from multiplayer, etc., books and other assets may be impossible to interact with.


The armor recipe is definitely still in the game. There is something else going on if you cant find it…

This will be fixed in the next update, its mentioned in the patch notes on testlive so it will be visible again soon :slightly_smiling_face:

No it’s not. You have to spam your button on the bottom if the stairs.
Still i am wondering, why do you think you need this armor?

It certainly looks cool. Thats why I would want it as Im a priest of Set!


The book is one of those things that doesn’t render properly. Click around the area until the recipe unlocks notices go nuts from what you just learned. I’m hoping the fix of the invisible animals also bring back the visible book


Respect! It does look good indeed. Sobek armor pieces are alike the looks just in white and a bit red :wink:.
I don’t use a lot of armor pieces anymore, i do remember fixing wardrobes with flawless sets in each piece. The op just have to spam a bit in the bottom of the stairs, but like @erjoh said, it’s something that needs fixing, long time now.

Come on, man… illusioning armor and weapons are the best thing to come from AoS… you should really be taking advantage of it more. That’s why I’m all about collecting as many recipes as possible. I may not use them all, but I might have an idea that works with even the most obscure outfits. I used Kurak’s boots because they look like Uggs or something… lol…


I always wear dragon bone light. My head has the khitan band (illusion) . My thralls wear dragonbone and the illusion is gurnaki and khitan band as well. I have become simple. But i do respect people who play with outfits, i’ve been there too.


Illusions are so much fun!

But one thing that is never an illusion is the Darfari mask and Jeweled Banana Hammock this one wears to dance in a destroyed enemy base.
Should this one add the Stygian nipple clamps?
Perhaps the “Pict”-onesian islander feather arm and leg bands?
The dance is always the war dance if it matters.

Also, a side note on Reptile Hide, it would be very nice if it did not require dregs boss specific materials, at least for the armour.
This one would dearly love more armour in this game that actually looked improvised/roughly harvested from enemies.
Reptile and Hyena hide are just such perfect survivalist roughing it looks.
A Wolf hide and Bear hide would be lovely additions. And would give use for the otherwise head scratcher harvests of wolf pelts and bear pelts.

Yes, this one knows about bear shaman and Pict armour. They look, even if barbaric, like more finished and deliberate armour, not like someone field dressed a skin and then draped it.

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