Q about Dregs boss

I might be missing something, but i just killed the Dregs boss and looked into the small pit, but there was no recipe book.

I looked as long as i couod,but obviously its not a big pit.

I did get the Triumivrate staff.

Is the book not there anymore?

If not, how do i get it?

Maybe i watched an outdated walkthrough video.


I just ran it agin and theres no book in the pit.

IDK why its not spawning. Weird.


red book at the bottom step of the drained pit.


No kidding.

I obviously know its a red book in the pit because i atated that.

But, Yeah, thats what i was looking for.

Its a very small pit, IDK any way i could have missed it., but it definitely wasnt there.

What recipies does it teach?


Abyssal stuff. Definitely not end game gear but good stuff to mirror in the thaumaturgy bench.

It is there. It’s just invisible. We did that dungeon the other night. Look around near where it should be a press X you’ll find it :upside_down_face:

Ah, must be another thing turned invisible on PS4 since the last update. The book is easily visible on my PC. Hopefully the book turns visible once Funcom patches the PS version.

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Yeah it’s a console thing :joy: I swear it’s on purpose (jk) they have to be better than us :joy:

I’m on Xbox. But I hear PS is having a really bad time with this update. Blame PS not FC!!
As it runs better on Xbox :thinking::joy:

Hopefully they’ll get you sorted out soon! They seem like they’re really on it atm

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