Caged Thralls Are Broken & Will Crash Your Game

Game mode: Single-player

Type of issue: Crashes & Lag

Hardware: Xbox One S

Bug Description:

Every time I release a caged thrall it crashes my game to the xbox one home.

Also they have in their inventory after freeing them a XX_Unarmed Left" and XX_Unarmed Right bags

Steps to Reproduce:

I walk up to the cage with a key and it either says I don’t have the key when I do or it opens the cage after clicking it many times.

I then go into their inventory and find one XX_Unarmed Left brown sack, and one XX_Unarmed Right brown sack.

If I leave them in there or remove them the outcome is the same.

I then either give them a truncheon, a better weapon or let them keep the weapon they came with.

After giving them a command to attack I can see they will not use the weapon sometimes but as soon as they swing their fist or weapon at another npc my screen goes black and my xbox one home loads in.

Other Bug Description: I can’t give a location but after the last update came out I get lagging realy bad and its in spots all over the map. Some of the lags will also crash my game to the xbox home.

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