Calling All Cosplayers

Hey folks, TeaThief here.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I’m going to be moving in the next two months, and I’m purging my closet, among other things. Which brings me to my point: I have two Illuminati jackets, one of which doesn’t fit me anymore, and is in need of a home.

It’s a little imperfect, as it was the first one I made and a bit of a learning experience, but it does have pockets and has been through three cons with little sign of wear. Fits a small-ish woman best (34-36 C, 5’ 6", 10-12 pant size-ish). If anyone is interested in joining my small army of Illuminati cosplay (I’ve made four of these jackets so far!), and can throw some cash at me for it, send me a message.

Of course, I also take custom orders for the other faction uniforms, too!
(The below photos are my personal uniforms as examples, and are not for sale)


As a small-ish woman (surprise!) in that size range I am stroooongly tempted.

You know what, I’ll send you a PM!

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I’m in love with the Templar jacket :heart:

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The Templar jacket was a LOT of work (I had to hand-sew about 70% of it, because the faux leather fabric wouldn’t go through my sewing machine!!), but it’s So Good.

If I can find a way to get it to go through my sewing machine, I’d be willing to make more.

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I made a black leather kilt from a pair of leather pants picked up from the charity shop. I wanted to create the hellhound look like it had been pieces of flesh sewn together.

Believe me you need a carpet needle or upholstery needle - pretty sure you could get one for a machine
(I have no idea tho lol - I did it by hand :joy:)

Oh it wasn’t the needle-- the faux leather is actually really thin and the needle had no trouble piercing it. It was that it didn’t glide through the machine-- I think I need a non-stick foot or something. (I tried the tissue paper method… That. That did not work for me.)

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