[SHADE] Armor Question

Hello all.

I have a question about Shade armor. I just hit level 150 and am interested in Goddess Armor. I just wanted to see if I could get some feedback on Armor vs. Evades from Shades who have tried both. I am wearing Metallic Mantis armor, but it’s due for an upgrade. So now would be the time to go one way or the other. Also, I wrist and neck items centered around evades, have not been able to locate a back yet so it’s Miy’s Melee.

Would love opinions and if any Shades would like to sell a set of Goddess Armor (if I go that way) I would be willing to buy a set if it’s in line with market prices. Thanks!

Goddess Armor / Omni-Tek Steel-Ribbed / Apocalypse Leather seem like good options. Reanimated Jester for back. If you’re asking AC vs Evades, I would definitely go with Evades.

Thanks Baduizm. I was able to get a OT steel chest, and the rest a mix of Goddess and Mantis for the moment. I would love to have a full set of the OT, but as I don’t have any alts, I don’t see it happening sadly as no one seems to bother making it. Thanks for the info!

If you find the QL of armor that you need you can send a tell to Phyxerbabe and she can hack it.
Also, my Engi Babegineer can TS it to OT Steel-Ribbed for you.

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