Camel starving!?

I am playing offline. My camel is starving within seconds of placing them . I put plant fiber in their inventory. But it consumes it instantly and starts straving. What am I doing wrong?

This may be related to known issue Tamed pets decay while in the pen
Note that there have been other reports of pets starving [outside the pen] that may be more closely related to your specific issue (I suggest looking through the forums Search, which is very easy to use)

If you find it not to be, please try to provide a detailed description of it in the bug subforums using the pinned form in there.

I play on Xbox. I crafted the camel just fine with plant fiber in the pen. As soon as I placed the camel in the world it’s food meter began draining extremely fast. So I put a 100 stack of plant fiber in it’s inventory but it was consumed immediately. I didn’t refill the food gauge at all. The HP went up a few points and then started dropping fast. So I put a few more stacks of plant fiber in and the same thing happened. Now I have a dead camel.

I am noting it down for an xbox specific bug.
Thank you for bringing it to our attention and sorry for the frustration.
Moving it into the xbox bug section for now.

Thank you so much shadoza😁 are you from shadaversity?

Thank you so much everyone :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

Lol. He’s a YouTuber as well as another Conan player. Check out his castle builds they are so epic.

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