Plant fibre & vines not eaten by pets

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Oceanic

Plant fibre and vines stay in the inventory of pets & thralls and are not consumed. Even when the pet has the items listed as a preferred food they remain in the inventory.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Open inventory of greater shaleback pet place plant fibre in inventory
  2. Observe that the plant fibre does not disappear from the inventory.
  3. Close inventory.
  4. Reopen inventory and observe the plant fibre is still in the inventory. Add plant fibre to more shalebacks of different varieties to test if it’s model specific or time dependent. Place plant fibre in greater hyena, observe it does not disappear, leave in inventory to check if consumption is time dependent. Go to a thrall pot and place in 100 plant fibre.
  5. Leave game and return several days later - re-open shaleback and greater hyena inventory and observe the plant fibre is still there. Return to thrall pot and observe the 100 plant fibre remains.
  6. Collect vines and desert berries. Split stacks into one items of vine and desert berries.
  7. Return to shalebacks. Place one vine into inventory and observe it does not disappear immediately.
  8. Place one desert berries into inventory shaleback. Observe that the desert berries does disappear from the inventory immediately, but the vine & plant fibre remain.
  9. Go to a greater hyena - place item of plant fibre - observe it stays in the inventory. Place a vine into the greater hyena inventory and observe it stays. Place a desert berries - observe it disappears.
  10. Go to a Greater bear and a bear. Place plant fibre into their inventory, observe it does not disappear. Place a vine into their inventory, observe that it does not disappear. Place a desert berries into their inventory - observe that it disappears.
  11. Go to rhinoceros (white one and black one). Place plant fibre into inventory and observe it remains. Place a vine into their inventory and observe it remains. Place a desert berries into their inventory and observe it disappears.
  12. Go to a greater boar. Place plant fibre into inventory and observe it remains. Place a vine into it’s inventory and observe it remains. Place a desert berries into their inventory and observe it disappears.

See screenshots:
Shalebacks: plant fibre and vines remain



Greater hyena:

Greater boar:



Thrall pot: 100 plant fibre added several days earlier - not consumed.


Yes eating/hunger mechanics have been removed for thralls and pets. It has been announced on a patchnote (March I think ?). :slight_smile:

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Thralls and pets are now meant to consume all food items as soon as they are added to their inventories and provide a combat buff.
If a preferred food this is a 25% buff. If a non-preferred food then it’s a 10% buff.

This bug report is specifically that Plant fibre and Vines are NOT being consumed by pets and thralls. Therefore are not providing either buff as not consumed. Even when listed as preferred food and should be consumed to provide the 25% combat buff, both Plant fibre and Vines are remaining in the pet inventory.


Ah, my bad, that part of info didn’t come up to my brain.
I didn’t see the point as on the server I’m playing they eat nothing now, no matter what meat or plant you give them and preferred food or not :thinking:

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Additional: BARK is not consumed either. Tested on rhinoceros which have it listed as preferred food item. See screenshots:




Additional: tested on a pet that I have not renamed in case it was due to the renaming code interfering with food consumption.

Tested at the same time if the 25% combat was applied when they had the plant fibre, vine and bark in their inventory even though it had not been consumed. No buff visible in screenshot below whilst it was fighting a crocodile.

Added a desert berries to the rhinoceros’ inventory and observe it was consumed:
Just before releasing the mouse button to drop the desert berries into the inventory:

Just after the desert berries disappeared from the rhinoceros’s inventory:


Took rhinoceros into combat again, observed the 25% combat icon this time.


all pet/thrall eating seems wonky to me now and makes no sense. whatever i feed anything, i’ve never seen the combat buff. what’s the point of thrall/pet feeders now??

That’s entirely right, did all these tests in testlive and live build, fibres are the only not consumed yet.

So on the positive side, you can still cary fibres if you want without them eating them all. :joy:

All other showed food works fine, also for the boost, fibres making an exception here.
I think devs are still fidling and fine tuning the hunger-system remove, and may still have to adjust some food for the buff.

One you know you can act and give the right food. That’s not so much the problem.
The fact that you can’t give any more food for your onw use, or for a later use for the thralls and pets is far more ennoying i think.

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Can confirm and totally agree.
Nice catch, fantastic report.:ok_hand:

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Hey @Kwalya

Thanks for the really in-depth report. Sending it to our team so they can look into it.


Not sure why that wasn’t just an option to turn off and on in the Admin panel.
(Though I thought it was - anyway…)

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