Journey Step - Beast Master- Feed Your Pet

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Journey Step - Beast Master - Feed Your Pet

Shaleback Pet

Tells me to open pet inventory to “Use” a food item on the pet.

Pet’s food items display both Shrimp and Plant Fiber.

Plant Fiber when selected within the pets inventory displays “Split” as opposed to “Use”. The Shrimp displays “Use” as opposed to split.

I was not able to complete the journey step with Plant Fiber, and had to use Shrimp instead, even though both are displayed as potential foods within the Shaleback’s inventory.

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Same is happening to me with a crocodile (feral meat and flesh used) and white rhino (fiber used).


Solution is to ‘select’ the food in the pet’s inventory then ‘press’ the use button. That completed the journey for me.


100% correct.

This is because resources like Plant Fiber are not derived from the Food game-item - as such they do NOT have a Use button and the only trigger for this Journey Step is defined in BPGameItemFood - On Use

A potential solution would be to add a secondary trigger to BP_ThrallHungerSystem for when thralls / pets consume food in their inventory on their own (in which case they also consume non-food diet items like resources properly).
The tiny challenge here is that when this happens, we do not know the player who is feeding the thrall so the most viable way would be to restrict it to the followed player (making following a requirement)

Another potential trigger could be when the player places items in the thrall’s inventory where it could be checked if it’s a diet item and if so award the step.

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