Pets dying before they can be tamed

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: eastern USA

Even with food in the pet food feeder, and their preferred food in the T3 animal pen my black bear cub and tiger cub just died for no reason. I logged into single player to do some testing but when I returned they were both gone, but my frost wolf pup was still in there though. I’m not sure whether it is a bug or im missing something here. They also each had their preferred food in the animal pen during this whole time.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

One question. Did the animals die of stravation or simply vanished?, it would be good to check the food timer for the pets, if possible, before they die or disappear and after, to compare, maybe they didn’t eat and just poofed. Strange thing is the other wolf was in the pen and growing as it should, but I doubt it is related to the others gone.

Ah, I once had to kill a tamed hyena (don’t ask), and picked up a hyena carcass off the body. Did you see any of those?.

They just disappeared. As we speak I logged back in and the wolf is now gone too, it was close to being 3/4 the way grown. This makes 3 animals now gone and I’ve yet to get an animal to be fully grown. Before I logged out i left pork in the pen, honey and a new black bear cub. Ive logged out for the night and hopefully it wont be gone in the morning.

Do the animals have a cage with food to feed from once tamed? Don’t know if it’s relevant, but maybe they are not eating at all from the pen and starve, though a few hours is pretty rough to die of staravation for an animal. It’s surely not intended. Sorry for so much asking :blush:

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Hi there, really sorry to hear your pets just vanished on you.
In order to get a bit more info for the devs I wanted to ask few more question:
You say you logged into Single Player but were you playing on a server where the pets vanished?
You mentioned that they really just vanished, they didn’t die and left a carcass, correct?
Was there any info in the event log in game?

Thanks much :slight_smile:

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Today when I logged in to check on the cub, I see the carcass you guys are talking about, so that issue seems to have resolved itself.
Yes, I play on a private server and had switched over to single player to do some testing and when I returned to the server they had passed. The time spent on single player couldnt have been more than an hour or two each time.
The event log on the server is completely empty except for the server restart for the update.

I’m going to do two experiments at the moment:
I have 40 honey in the feed box, 41 honey in the animal pen and 6 of the shade bloom honey in the feeding pen. (The previous 2 bear Cubs didnt touch the shade bloom honey).
I’m going to put one in the pen and monitor it like a hawk, checking on it every so often to see what’s up with it, and to see where it is eating from.
If that goes well I’ll try putting another cub in and logging our for roughly an hour to see what happens

Are you using mods on the private server? Try to disable then and see if that makes a difference :slight_smile:

We dont use mods on the server, as we are on xbox we play completley vanilla :slight_smile:

Oh totally my bad, sorry! I should have noticed. :woman_facepalming:

That’s quite alright :slight_smile: the bear cub I have in there now has taken a honey from the animal pen, he doesnt have any expiration date or anything of that sort. Its bar is scooting along.
I cant seem to figure out how to get it to eat the shade spiced honey though, I’m afraid if I take the normal honey out it might die :frowning:

I made a quick test yesterday and posted my results related to dying pets and how to reproduce it here.

And while I’m at it: this issue is also related to other item spoils in different inventories as reported here.

But related to the dying pets it may also be possible that the crafting process gets canceled, because the food decayed before it could finish. Didn’t tested that, but it sounds reasonable, because the pet also decays within 24h in the Animal Pen.

Edit: Food does not spoil, if it was used for training pets.
Just tested it in Singleplayer with increased item spoil rates for faster results like I did with my linked reports regarding dying cubs in Animal Pens or spoiling food in Thrall inventories.

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I actually read your post last night about the item spoilage rate last night before I made this post and I appreciate all the testing that you’ve done so far.
In my case I have tried 2 black bear Cubs, 1 tiger cub, and 1 frost wolf pup, and they have all passed.
I am currently trying an experiment with being logged into the server while the 1 black bear cub is “growing” and here is what I’ve found so far, and things ive gathered from those that passed.

In summary:

The first bear cub & tiger were put in at the same time, except there was only their retrospective “shade spiced” food in the pen with them. I later added a frost wolf pup along with some pork and honey. When I logged back into the server the 1st time the black bear cub and the tiger had died but the wolf pup was still there. Later after I came back in again the wolf pup had died.
In the animal pen was: 41 honey, 11 pork, & 6 shade spiced honey afterwards. I put the 2nd bear cub in last night and logged off because I was pretty tired. This morning when I logged on the 2nd bear cub had passed. I was never logged out of the server for more than a few hours until I went to sleep, which was roughly 7-8 hours.

The 3rd black bear cub, which I currently have “growing” is doing just fine. I am “babysitting” it while it grows; checking it periodically to see what it has and how often it has eaten. Also I am seeing that if it does pass I can see around when and what conditions could have caused it. As of right now it is between 1/2 & 3/4 the way done and has eaten 1 singular honey. I have 40 honey also in the feed box that way when is done growing it can feed from that immediately if that’s the case. Honey doesnt expire so it couldnt be that the food spoilage is the problem. If the bear does finish growing I will take and catch another bear cub, and this time log out for a while, and then come back to see if it is still there.
I am testing on the server that the issue occurred on just incase it has something to do with the server. Unfortunatley I can’t sowed anything up, so it’s been a long process already haha.


I am on PC and have a similar problem.

In my case the pets appear to die just after the taming process completes. If you are there when the pet finishes taming or within a couple of minutes, you can grab the pet and it is fine.

If you are roaming the world or logged out and come back to the pen later (say 30 minutes for example), the pet is dead.

  • I have tested with different tier pens and the feed boxes are close by.
  • Tested with different food (fiber, bark, feral flesh, savour flesh, exotic flesh, human flesh, etc) and different pets (eg tiger, hyena, crocodile, gazelle, rhino).
  • It appears the animal will just die for some reason within a short time of completing taming, if left in the pen. - Dung production started as well before I grabbed a gazelle out, which was about 10 seconds after taming completed.
  • The gazelle and a hyena are both living happily when grabbed immediately after taming has finished.
  • I have adjusted server settings and this has not changed what is occurring above.
  • I have just un-checked the pet hunger system and re-started the server. I will advise if this makes any difference.
  • This is on a dedicated server with no mods.
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I’m glad you posted, thank you! I snatched the bear up right as it finished and now have a full grown bear. It took almost 7 hours of cooking up but its alive and I’m happy. I was just checking every half hour or so but I just waited the last little bit by the pen to see if what you did would work. He unfortunately didnt eat any of the shadespice honey for some reason so I ended up with a regular bear. I’m still not entirely sure how that stuff works.
I’m going to grab another bear cub and see if logging out does anything or being logged out when they finish does anything now. If so its more evidence to back up the things that you found as well. Having that little of time to pick up your animal kind of sucks, plus you’re supposed to be able to leave them in there so that they produce their material.
If so it’s a pretty big bug that we can properly address to the development team

I am glad it worked out.
Very big bug.
Being logged out did not help in my case.
Only thing that helped was being right there when the pet finished taming.
Testing with a new dedicated server, see if I can replicate it.
I will keep you updated.

Nice, I just put in a new bear cub, and in maybe an hour or so I’ll jump back on to see if it’s still alive. When I jumped between single player and the server there was no way I was off the server for more than 2 hours and the babies were only around 1/4 the way done, so it’s highly unlikely that they finished while I was off, but we shall see what’s going on
I also figured out that I had to remove all other food except the shade spiced one before placing the baby in the pen in order for it to eat it instead of the regular food. Thought I’d drop that in incase anyone else didnt know.

Coming back from being logged off for a few hours has led the 4th bear cub to being dead. I was not off long enough for the bear to finish growing, so I’m thinking in my case that when either I am not logged in, or when the server is empty it canceled the growing process.

Did my test with a fresh dedicated server, no mods, adjusted settings to boost my self to level 27 quickly.
Spawned in a T2 animal pen and captured a baby Shaleback.

Started taming and just got home from work and it has tamed successfully and is producing dung. Did not die straight after taming. Took it out and was able to place the Shaleback.

So, some sort of server corruption is happening with the pens. Time to play around with a few settings. Might reset my old server settings back to default settings and work from there to try duplicate bug.

I’m unable to mess with server settings unless I go into single player or else bid help do the same. The only thing I can do is see if the admit will give it a restart.


After further testing it appears the Item Spoil Rate under Harvesting is affecting whether the pets die or not at the end of taming. Tested down to 0.5 and taming works fine. So far 0.2 or less causes the pets to die. Testing 0.3 at the moment.

Note this is on a dedicated server on PC with no mods. Tested other settings like XP modifiers and harvesting rates with no problems so far.

Problem only occurs with a low Item Spoil Rate.

Not sure if this will help anyone on XBox.