Pets dying before they are tamed

Game mode: Online Private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVE
Region: Oceanic

Putting pets in the T1 taming den and giving them food does not allow them to be tamed. They die before they are tamed. The most i’ve seen the bar move is about a quarter. Ive increased the tame speed to 10x however that does not appear to have changed the tame speed. Turned on and off preferred food. I have currently only attempted to tame hyenas and scalebacks at this point. Neither where successful.

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Can confirm this. Just did a quick test in Singleplayer:

  • Set Item Spoil Rate to 10.0 for faster decay
  • Place a Compost Heap for further speeding up the item spoil
  • Place some cubs/spiderlings into the Compost Heap and wait until 5sec are left
  • Take the cubs out of the Compost Heap => around 1:30min left
  • Place the cubs with food in the Animal Pen for training (Tier doesn’t matter. I did it with T3 Pens)
  • Watch them die within 1:30min

Suggestion: make items or even better cubs not spoil within the Animal Pen (like you did with the preservation box)

Hi I still have had no feedback on what this issue might be. With mods, without mods it doesnt seem to matter. Pets do not eat and therefore do not progress to be tamed. Can I please get a response?

This just happened to me on an official server. So it’s not a mods issue. I was taming four rocknoses, one of them turned into a carcass before it had even finished taming (at around 95% taming complete).

T3 pen, there was plenty of food in the pen.

same here, on official too. it has only happened once though.

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