Items spoil in several inventories where they should not



I thought about opening a bug report for spoiling food in Thrall inventories, because after recognizing it on a mod-free dedicated server, I made some tests in Singleplayer for confirmation, but I found some more issues related to item spoils in other inventories too. So let us begin:


  • Set Item Spoil Rate to 10.0 for faster decay
  • Place a Compost Heap for further speeding up the item spoil
  • Activate Exclusive Diet, because otherwise our Thrall will eat the food, before you can test it

Test cases

  • Food decay in Thrall/Pet inventory
  • Yellow Lotus Potion decay in Thrall/Pet inventory
  • Pet decay in Animal Pen
  • Item decay in Preservation Boxes

Food decay

  • Place a fish into the Compost Heap and wait until 5sec are left
  • Take the fish out of the Compost Heap => around 1:30min left
  • Place the fish into a Thrall inventory
    => Fish will turn into Putrid Meat after 1:30min
  • Place the fish into a Pet inventory
    => Fish will stay in the inventory
    => Take the fish out of the Pet inventory
    => Fish still has 1:30min left

Yellow Lotus Potion decay

  • Get a Yellow Lotus Potion (should have about 12sec left because of the item spoil rate setting)
  • Place the potion into a Thrall inventory
    => Potion will disappear after 12sec
  • Place the potion into a Pet inventory
    => Potion will stay in the inventory
    => Take the potion out of the Pet inventory
    => Potion still has 12sec left

Pet decay in Animal Pen
I already mentioned it here, but in the end it’s the same for Animal Pen inventories as for Thrall inventories

Item decay in Preservation Boxes
As already mentioned in several other reports like this one, does Ice also not melt within Preservation Boxes (tested both).
Also potions like Yellow Lotus doesn’t spoil in here.


  • Food should not spoil in Thrall inventories (otherwise would be the Thrall Pot useless, because it gives every Thrall five food, which decay normally)
  • Non-food items should spoil in Pet inventories (otherwise everyone can carry their personal Yellow Lotus or Midnight Potions with them)
  • Pets should not spoil within the Animal Pens (otherwise we cannot train them)
  • Ice should melt within Preservation Boxes

Pets dying before they can be tamed

Thanks for the in depth test case, bug report and analysis. Awesome, well done. :+1: :muscle:


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