Food spoils fast, always feeding pets and thralls!

i came back this weekend (after 2 month break), had to start from scratch on my official server (3509). only 1 active player on that server but at times 5 players online. even with the whole server empty someone put 2 fishing traps at the edge of my new area a few hours after i started playing. no bases or player structures anyplace near me but someone felt it necessary to put something to stop me from growing my area. their traps pooffed after a few hours …

soo many new bugs since i played 3 months ago. i always have blood spatter on my screen due to i log in and i’m at half health (always). but health does recover on it’s own but the screen is always with red on the borders. other new bugs are transient but seem like the client degrades the longer i am online. i assume there is a memory leak or something that confuses sound, motion, menus, combat, object loading, and such.

it also now seems i am spending all my time feeding the pets and thralls. decay timer is at about 14 days but i assume this is a temporary condition and now i have 6-12 days to feed my crew. but the stuff spoils in the feeders and on the pet/thralls so i assume the time-to next feeding is just a suggestion.

all the old bugs are present, invisible mobs, sound/action mismatch, menu mega lockup the first time i access it, in world objects come and go even while i am chopping/harvesting them… so many little bugs and tons of work-arounds just to constantly get food that spoils in minutes for the pets.

Honey doesn’t spoil. (for now?)

It’s really really easy to get if you build a bunch of bee hives and you can stuff your pets and thralls inventories with it and they will persist for maybe a month.

Else put it in the thrall, pet feeders.

interesting, i have tons of honey and no real need for it all. i eat it but it dosnt change the stats as much as other foods. none of the pets/thralls indicate honey is a valid food. how can it be used for them??? must be a bug if it works for you.

Funcom coded so that thralls will consume any food, including honey and gruel. The food items listed on the interface are their “preferred food” items that will give them a temporary bonus when consumed…this shows as a subtle difference on the hunger meter icon just after they consume one of their preferred food.

Pets are similar - they have a list of preferred food that they will get a temporary bonus from, but will consume any raw food, including honey. Bears do have honey listed as a preferred food by the way.

Thralls/pets will take items of their preferred food from the thrall pot/feedbox before they take other food items.

Just because it’s convenient for me with my fish farm set up, I tend to feed my thralls cooked exotic fish or savoury fish. My pets tend to get raw unappetising fish.

No Honey is great for pets and thralls. Also, thralls and pets will eat spoiled food… in fact, some pets have it on their preferred list!

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