Food feedback for Funcom :) including Thrall feeding perception


hi, ive been playing the game whenever i get time, and it is cool :smiley:

i got the game from steam recently (and currently only about level 42), but right since the beginning of the game, i was excitedly gathering materials and harvesting food, trying to cook it and eat it to survive. (especially for healing)

i never knew that thralls did not need to be fed yet in my version, “Revision (#106947 / 19410)”, but part of me could see the countdown timer showing food spoiling, and i just knew that i had to try and cook it, or later dry it, to make it last for longer :slight_smile:

later on when i found some more recipes, i realised a way to add some spices to a soup, and help make it last just a bit longer, which helped, but by the time i got enough Iron to even make a Wheel and capture 1 thrall, it took ages (because i later learned about IronStone, and spent most of my hours hitting SandStone lol :slight_smile:

but, as it stands now, (even with some more Wheels, and thralls) close to about 20 now, i still have food spoiling (and hope to unlock the Preservation feat soon), but i still also have quite a lot of food. Especially Dried Meats and Dried Fish, plus just made my first Blood Sausage lol.

I read some of the posts about TestLive and some bugs or things about Thrall Pots, or some people who had several thralls could not feed them in time and they all died soon as they joined (and these do sound like bugs),

but, from the start of the game, it seemed that i would need to save up on some food, especially once getting some thralls… otherwise it sure would be a waste of a lot of food lol.

Basic (perceived) Thrall Feeding Mechanics:
(these are what came to mind naturally as i was playing the game, and was gearing up to supporting thralls, summarised below for you.)

  1. Once you convert a Thrall to join us (usually via cheap Gruel), they can now eat “anything”.
    (this just allows players to not lose a thrall etc) but also leads into the 2nd mechanic below…

  2. This lets us experiment with a whole range of cool and tasty sounding recipes, like Honeyed Eggs, Spiced Shredded Roast, Bone Broth, Mystery Meat Both lol, and other tasty treats…BUT, while it seems a lot of fun finding and mixing different ingredients to make a cool dish, and getting some XP for your level, there wouldnt be as much fun if all these dishes cant get eaten in time by 1 player, and are left to rot.

  3. The usual Rotting system can still take place, but any Thrall left with only access to Putrid Meat, or Foodpoisoned food, has their amount of damage dealing set to 25% of current value (for a short duration since they are weaker)

  4. and Any Thrall who does not get to eat their “preferred food”, can still simply eat something else, but they only do a maximum of 75% of their damage dealing value. (this can be as though they simply didnt get enough high energy food that they needed or something similar, but are otherwise still an effective team :slight_smile:

I now learned about Thrall Pots, and am trying to research what i need to do to be able to backup my current solo game (including mods), so that i can play the testlive version, and actually try what is being developed, but then to be able to go back to my current game and continue etc as dont want to lose anything.

if we can Build a ThrallPot here and there, and simply fill it up with food, and all food has a usual spoilage timer, plus a calorific (or hunger) value, then its all cool, and the thralls can simply take what they need from the pot, and my job as Conan the Cook, will simply be to fill up the pot with tasty treats :smiley:

thanks for reading, and what do you think :slight_smile:

Food thrall pots . how many thralls can be added effectively so full inventory last for 10+ days

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