Do u still need to feed thralls

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***do u still need to feed thralls to keep them aliv after latest patches ?haven’t played in a bit

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Nope but feeding them still gives them the buffs

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So I no longer have to worry about them starving to death

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They will still act like they’re starving, and pets make horrible sounds, but they won’t die.

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That’s awesome fellas thanks u finish red dead I’ll give it another try

As mention above, even with option turned off, they will have timers but will reset. you’ll hear some weird noises from them till it does. XD

The most annoying thing (besides animal starving noise) is that the log keeps showing an infinite red list of “XX is hungry/starving”.
Would be a bit more professional if Funcom would be able to complete the transition (or better, the return) to a no-feed thrall system, removing all the related starving sounds/animations and log entries.

Here’s the main thing. At some point, feeding will come back into play. You might as well act like you need to feed them and do it. That way, when the feeding aspect is returned, you aren’t stuck immediately with dying animals/thralls.

Plus, it stops the caterwauling and the reports of starving.

Thank u for the info but I have additional questions y is there still a timer for thralls damn sorry I reread above okay I have 45 days on my white tiger what happens when all his food is gone does it stop at a six day timer or does the timer just 0000000 out?

If Feeding is “off”, Tthe tiger will just reset timer when it runs out.
When timer is low, thralls and certain stuff will be hunched over.

Some stuff makes a “hungry noise” and then there fine when timer resets.

I havn’t had issue yet, (single player) And Jen (staff) pointed it out that it resets,

Thank u an idea if that transfers to official servers

I love this ^^ , and it is realistic, so if you checking an enemy base and hear those, you know what you will have to face.

Take out pet and thrall feeding all together give me a beastmaster to tame pets faster with a better chance at greater pvp I need them faster

Thrall and pet death is now linked to the owners log in.
If no one who owns the thralls/pets logs into the server for 14 days then on the 15th the game will despawn all the thralls and pets belonging to that player or clan. Even if there is food left in the inventory.

Funcom rushed this feature out on to the live PC game without testing it and without removing all aspects of the previous system. (Basically an untested half-arsed job - they had to hot fix thralls/pets dying when starving 24 hours after change, and 48 hours after change they had to hot fix in the server commands for thrall decay.) Funcom did not remove the event log messages that thralls/pets are hungry & starving. They did not remove the code that makes the pets vocalise they are getting hungry. They didn’t remove the code that decreases the hunger meter when no food is in the thrall/pet inventory. They didn’t remove the code that calculates and displays decay times on thralls/pets.
All of these things and more will be removed or modified in a future patch … date to be announced.

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One last thing. I give whatever pet/thrall accompanying me whatever food is on their diet. They do get a buff from food, but it’s not necessary for them to live. As I said, I still keep the food bins filled.

Exactly what SPEEDICE said, same here. It’s a very low maintenance system, I put in 10 minutes of work (while multitasking on other things) into the bowl and they now have over 7 days of IN GAME time left of food. That’s in game time man! Why should Funcom waste time on this, when all you gotta do is put some of that extra food in a bowl. If you don’t even like the most minimal of micromanagement in games, than the survival genre is not for you. As systems like these are what make it a survival game in the first place.

Okay calm down first off I’ve been gone since the last big patch I have no problem with how the thrall feeding thing works only questions because patch notes say they don’t have to be feed anymore but the still have a decay timer so I’m asking question

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