Food is rotting way too fast

I go out one day, collect 100 to 250 pounds of meat, next day almost all of it has rotted if left on cook fire when logging out. If it’s in a chest you lose 25-30 percent it seems. Sorry, that is just too fast, seems like a gimmick to make gameplay take too long.

If u have a fridgewith just one piece of ice it’ll get rid of the foid timers for everything edible as soon as it’s placed in the fridge cooked or uncooked

Yep decay timers are very screwy right now. It varies depending on container and inventory, etc.

Example if I have a stack of jerky that is supposed to last 8 hours…

If I leave it in the Oven it’ll decay 100% over night, the entire stack (or most of it)

If I leave it in my inventory at least a few pieces will decay (even though only 1 or 2 should have)

If I put it into a thrall pot it will be 100% okay, these really work pretty well and stuff doesn’t decay for like a week in them

If I put it into a pet feeder it will 100% decay within a day or so

If I put it into an improved preservation box it will be totally fine (all decay stops inside them).

Funcom, please get your crap together :slight_smile:

does anyone know if there is any extra decay if the food is near a heat source?
(like when some players get heatstroke when they log off and are in a hot area?)

maybe that is affecting or speeding up the times.
but if it was not on an official server, maybe an admin was just modifying some of the timer settings (like you can with fuel time, crafting, converting thralls, decay etc)

Food decays faster in the oven/fire than in your inventory. It decays much, much slower in a Thrall pot (90% reduction in decay). You can use Thrall Pots as a cheap storage option for food if you have a surplus.

And as mentioned, refrigerators with ice in them will keep it fresh indefinitely (only one piece of ice is required)

ok thanks mikey

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