Are Preservation Boxes broken? (PS4)

I created an ice box put a stack of 100 ice in the ice box, and then threw a few stacks of raw fish in the box.

The fish decay timer counted down just like it did outside of the box…
I tried cooked food, and the same thing happened.

Do these things just not work? What am I missing? 20 hardened steel was a steep price for me to have a useless (and imo extremely ugly) box.

Items still decay in fridge, but they last a lot longer.

Be sure to put regular ice not black ice.

can confirm they still work in xbox as supposed to (with server settings factoring in dried meat takes 419hours to decay)

Weird… Putting food and ice in the box, the timer is still counting down just as fast as it does outside of the box.

The regular preservation boxes are currently broken on PC as well, so yeah, it seems like it’s a shared issue. Anything you put in there spoils at the same rate as it would outside the preservation box. The improved ones still work, however.

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