Improved Preservation Box is not working


Game mode: [Online | Official]
Problem: Bug
Region: [EU]

Improved Preservation Box is not working anymore. Timer is the same as if you will keep food in chest.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Put food in Improved Preservation Box
2.Check timer


Personally, I’ve never bothered to use a preservation box except as decoration, not enough slots. However, I’m sure that I read that you need to put ICE into it too for it to keep your food fresher.
As I say, don’t know for sure as I’ve never bothered to use one.


Yep, I can confirm, you need ice in at least one slot for it to work.


This WIKI says ICE


as an oooolllddd song says “icee iceeee babyyy” :snowflake: (yeah im almost as old as the song :sweat_smile: )


Cleaned thread. Be nice and stay on topic please.


The improved preservation box now has 15 slots, which I feel finally makes it worth the trouble. Also, the preservation multiplier for foods that are already long lasting makes for a very stable food reserve. I’m also a fan of yog meat. Yum!!?:yum:


As others have indicated, it’s working. Put a stack of ice in there. Also, ice lasts longer when in the box.