More Non-Decaying Food

Hi guys

I’m quite a fan of “lasting” things. I like to have a stock of food.
The point is that food decays and this is annoying …

While there is really no need for non decaying food, since it’s super easy to gather meat, it would be really fun to have some food that doesn’t dacay (like the Fiery Hot Ones from Pirate Cuisine).

Now, I’m almost sure that those food should decay and Devs simply forgot to set a decay time, but to be honest I’m happy that we have some food like that.

I know there are preserving bins, but they need Ice to work (so you still need to refill them with ice).

But pirate cuisine was a great idea: we could have certain food (maybe the ones prepared with certain spices - like rare ones) that doesn’t decay.

What I’m suggesting is to have more food like that. Here’s a list of food I think should be added as non-decaying:

  • Fiery Hot Bread
  • Fiery Hot Brews
  • Dried Meat
  • Dried Fish
  • Dried Berries
  • Salted Berries
  • Blood Sausages
  • Eggs
  • Dryed Mushrooms (I know they don’t exist yet)
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You could also use a preservation box… I don’t think you really need to “refill” ice… I don’t think ice decays in preservation boxes.

I’m not sure if this is needed or wanted to be fair.

Then again. I’m of the opinion of almost every item in conan should have a decay timer with few exceptions. Like stone…

Hell even ingots should corrode / rust at some point. <— unpopular opinion , I know.

Fiery hot food does not fill hunger.

Its just a good warming buff, which is currently not working.

No, food should decay. Except Moon pies and Twinkies, but I don’t think those are really food.

Also, ice does not decay in a preservation box. It should, but it doesn’t. Of course, neither does food… or live animals. Yes, you can put live animals in preservation boxes and stop their decay timer.

Again, this shouldn’t work… but hey.

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I think nothing decay in a Preservation Box.

Why not ? Gold ones must not decay because Gold doesn’t rust. And the decay timer must be adjusted to the biome since it’s the humidity that makes metals rust.

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Making rations, Long or no decay time and light weight, but low food/water regen.

Salted jerky and stuff last a while, but not if left out in sun…or kept in bad place.

If meat was 1-2 per hit, even with star metal axe, and cleaver only added +1. Could help…
Most of stuff that drops good meat, doesnt put up a fight.

Its really only threat at start of game really… once your able kill for and cook exotic meat, your kinda set.
Thou, Most of us know were to go… which is kinda hard to counter, and not screw over someone still munching on feral flesh, lol.

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Yes, but that doesn’t solve the problem … the point is: since we have Fish Traps and other stuff, gather food is really not a problem. However, there are people (like me) who enjoy the RPG part of the game: having a stock of non-decaying food is less useful as having a stock of gold at the moment, but why not ?

In many novels I’ve read castles had food to withstand years of siege, which means they had a way to preserve it. Preservation Boxes should consume ice, if they don’t, then they are bugged and will be fixed.

Basically, what I’m saying is that it’s fun (at least for me) having some food that requires more work to produce but the doesn’t spoil.

This is a great compromise, I think :smiley:

Salted, dried and smoked meat could be preserved for months. Dried vegetables like broad beans was used too. But the main preserved source for food came from seed to make bread, gruel, etc… Seeds can last years in the correct environment. And castles’ basement was almost always a correct environment to preserve food. So much that it was used only for that and never to hold prisoners.
But except in mountains, using ice to preserve food was a luxury even for the richest people.

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