My possible bugs report - maybe already known

Game mode: Single-player / Coop]
Type of issue: [Misc]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [Local Host]

[Sorry, my screens are in Italian.]

  1. I put lot of efforts to build a Preservation Box, expecting it would work like Thrall Pot and similar to preserve food for longer time, but without any creature eating its content.

Well, actually it doesn’t work like that: stuffs you put into that box elapse at the same time they would elapse in your inventory or any craft station or normal chest:

Time into my inventory:

Time into Preservation Box:

  1. Lemurian Pike feat is under Haftmaker cathegory:

But it actually needs Shaftmaker feat (Spear Handle) to be build!

  1. Just a 3D model oddness. Dunno if it’s wanted, but looks weird. :slight_smile:
    This house in Asagard han two 3D “entrances”, but one juts looks enough unusable.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

1 Learn feats.
2 Collect ingredients.
3 Use recipes.

You need to :cool: your fridge. Head up north and gather about 100 pieces of ice. That should hold you for a while.


White ice or black ice?
Anyway, this way is pretty useless… it’s far more convenient to put a box for animals, without animals around. Easier to build, and no ice needed…

They should remove the need of ice, to rebalance the utility of the preservation box.

Not sure about the preservation box but the improved preservation box needs only one piece of ice (not black ice) and it removes the decay timer for ANY item but in the box ie food, baby animals, adult tamed animals, ingredients with a decay timer (eg berries), potions.
If you know the Ymir religion and have a Ymir alter then you can make ice in the alter.
In the improved preservation box the ice does not decay either, hence you only need one piece.
I’ve never made the preservation box only improved so I can not definitely say it works the same (ie no ice decay) but it does need ice.

all coolers needs ice, white ice ofc!!!

Works the same for either preservation box and with a single piece of ice(you can get as loot off thralls in the north too) it stops the decay timer. I think the Feed Box still ticks away on the decay timer as well as the Thrall Pot all be it a much longer decay timer.

It’s a freezer with no mechanism to keep things cold or preserved without ice. The ice will not decay as well, which is way better than it used to be!

Would be nice if all stations had fuel slots. I hate taking it all!

Also, you can use pickaxe on ice in water not to far into snow areas too, (fairly safe jog to lower SE of it all) You don’t need go to far north and mine a ice node, just on lake.

(On ps4, timers turn off, so just 1 ice is enough, but throw a few in, if it gets patched XD)

So at the end: it’s enough just one peace of ice made from Ymir altar and it stop all decay times?
Or I’m still misunderstanding?
I’ll try as soon as I’ll return to the box! Thank you all! :wink:

Anyway, talking about possible known bugs and similars:
This recipe should make a grid (as icon on slot 6 suggests), but actually when you place it, it looks identical to a standard Reinforced Hatch Door.

I confirm both preservation box and enhanced version work the same: stuffs last forever with just an ice.

The difference is that enhanced has much more slots. :wink:

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