BUG | Ice + Preservation box / Improved Preservation box

Not a Bug in general but some inconsistency with the need of Ice for the Preservation box and Improved Preservation box.

After the pet update, we only need to put a single piece of ice in the Preservation box and Improved Preservation box to keep it running since this one piece of ice doesn’t even expire anymore.
Which makes the whole “Need Ice for the Box” a little bit ill-considered.
And so this sad piece of ice is actually perceived only as a waste of space. :cry:


P.S.: We can also put any pet and offspring in this box. :scream:
What happens if PETA finds out about this?

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They would not approve of us having them in the first place so where we keep them would be irrelevant…we are condemned in their eyes either way.

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I figured the need for ice is to ensure new players go to the ice zones to be able to get the preservation box working. When I first started this game, i didnt realise i needed ice. When I worked that out, it was a major mission for me to go to the ice and not die of frostbite.

Had to learn all about armor temps, and spicey foods etc. So for new players learning how to get ice is an essential part of the game. Of course once you learn that aspect of the game, getting ice is a no brainer. My point is, it may seem irrelevant to an experienced (or smart) player. For new players its a great way to learn an important aspect of the game.

Oh and 1 piece of ice is not so different from an entire stack. Its super easy to get ice. So I like how you just need 1 piece.


It needing only 1 ice, has been a thing for several patches now. Its been QoL thing. And a good one. (not to hard to get to lake and hit ice along its edges)

However, this one piece of ice feels somehow strange or like something from past days that hasn’t been consistently removed.

A) If the ice is intended as a fuel, like antique ice boxes, it would have to be consumed and refilled accordingly, which would make it necessary to collect a stack of ice now and than. But it doesn’t.
B) If the ice is only used once to put the preservation box into operation, it would make more sense as an ingredient when building the box and would therefore not block a slot unnecessarily all the time without being consumed.


In the past, i remember, ice melted, like ice do mostly, so we had to replace it from time to time, what makes sens in a way.

Now, i’m not complaining i must admit, while ice is very easy to get when you know, i agree with you, that for a new player it’s a full lesson, and learing process. And we should not forget about that. So for me it’s just a thing i have to care anymore, once i dropped my 1 ice, or stack ice in the fridge. :wink:

Still, ice is ice, and should melt over time. Sure, we state again, that it’s a game, and so different. But also a game needs some consitency i think.


I agree. Some of the things they nerf/buff vs what should be nerfed/buffed perplexes me. Getting ice was not a big deal. You get it with Black Ice, so it is not like you are having to farm it specifically, and the decay rate was very slow if i remember. Plus, if my memory serves me right, they also expanded the boxes inventory to help with the feed system, which is now defunct on officials. Some of the tiniest survival mechanic have been tweaked out, little by little. Problem is people get spoiled by things that were changed for a now defunct game mechanic, that they will complain if it went back to the more survival version.

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Agree, they tweaked out some immersive stuff to make it easier, and made it harder by introducing more npc’s in some place, and more HP to them mostly.
Sure this makes the game harder for fights, but still in the same way.
Mostly focused on end-level, and fight.

I mean, i love most new stuff lot, it’s not to complain, but immersion has many aspects, and the ice-run was a part of it. Also it allowed some role-play for those wishing it, with some trade-roads to create and more. :wink:

Yes, 1 ice is handy, and i have to run for lot of other stuff anyway, but still. It made you think twice if you want really build a preservation box such far south or not.
Also some preservation with salt should have a bigger place i think. The dryer is fine, but using bark is a bit strange.
I know, i can do satled stuff at the stove, but yes, at the stove…

I use sometimes a mod giving me a small barrel filled with some salt, and helping a new lower level character to hold some food in the warm south. I think it’s a nice idea.

I think there are a lot of things that if tweaked slightly, would make alot more stuff useful in all styles.
Foods for example. Other than RP environments, it is Aloe soup+Herbal Tea for best survival. There is no reason to do anything else. Not everything should have some sort of perk, but having different foods and drinks that play to a fighting style, or even farming style, would make the recipes mean more both during leveling and at end game. But this convo is for another type of thread, like suggestions.

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The f! How am I just noticing this? I have several stacks of ice in every freezer so I dont forget. Yay more space!

I would consider this like a grace period. Feel like a Stooge having carted all that ice to keep my 12-pack of Greater Wolves chilled. :frowning:

Thats why why I have like 60-70 in there…incase one day they change there mind,

Don’t want those baby wolves expiring. (don’t worry PETA!, there in there with fish and grubs!)

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If they change this non bug to make the presevation box run on ice as fuel is the day I will uninstall and walk away from this game entirely.

Its been one piece of ice since forever. And it should remain. Ymir is useless. His one piece of ice finally comes into play.

I use a thrall pot to semi preserve meats and such and ice as well at lower lvls

Yes, they have lot slots.

Beside that, they’re way to big, and not really immersive at my eyes.
Looks more like i would cook the thralls itself to me.

Make a cellar hide it in that lol thats where they stored food in places with low water tables Cellars that is.

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Yes, i hide it mostly, on the roof if fitting, or elsewhere.
I mean it’s not really a beauty, i have better to display. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Big words for something that was allready in game before Update 34/2 – Pet System (09.10.2018)

Yeah we know, the compost is the cheapest big storage box for beginners before they get iron.
Yeah the thrall pot and feeding box is the beginner version of the preservation box.
Even Pets and offsprings can stay for 3600 hours+ in there.
But that wasnt the topic.

Since Update 34/2 – Pet System (09.10.2018) the ice doesnt melt anymore in the preservation box so only one piece is enouth to keep the box running. For me it feels like they forgot to make the ice meltable again and if not, then we can dispense with this one piece of infinite ice in the box which only blocks one slot and doing nothing or just insert it in to the building ingredients.


Ok. Id be fine if it was inserted in the building and freed up a slot. All in on that. I just dont want do mine more ice.

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What gets me on it all is everythings timers stop when in it with 1 piece of ice IF they could have put in mechanic where things extend for a very very long time and have some decay on ice and everything else more so than before.