Ice in preserving bins

Game mode: Online private and Single-player
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: PvE
Region: USA

At the risk of being a pariah, it appears that ice in preserving bins also does not expire. This seems exploitative.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. place preserving bin or improved preserving bin
  2. place in one (1) unit of ice
  3. observe ice also loses it’s expiry timer
  4. tested over three hours, still have 1 ice with no expiry timer
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As per patch notes nothing expires in iceboxes and ice boxes have more room


It seems to expire in improved boxes, but not in normal boxes. Can anybody confirm this?

Please don’t “fix” this, it’s not broken IMO.

Though it’d be nice if this is indeed intentional (the part where the ice itself doesn’t deteriorate I mean). Star Metal and Black Ice are a long trek from my main base (my choice of course) so I don’t want to build a bunch of large ice boxes if they’ll return to virtually useless :slight_smile:


Did you put ice in it?

I don’t see any reason ever to not have ice expire. It is the fuel source for the preserving bin. Otherwise you would get one unit of ice and have an infinitely running preservation box forever. That seems extremely exploitative to me and I am nearly certain it is not intended. Unless you are spending gobbs of time in the Volcano eating ice, it just became a useless trash resource… to say nothing of being able to create it from the ymir temple and never having to get it at all, or create another one ever again. Definitely a bug.

Why? Who or what does it exploit?

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I think you are getting hung up on exploit vs. exploitative which while similar are not equal. In this case it is easy to exploit the situation of ice not decaying in the regular preserving bin to either operate an inexhaustible refrigeration source, or to effectively get ice to last in perpetuity removing the need to fetch it as a resource, which itself undermines this being a survival game. Preservation bins should have a fuel source and in this case it is ice. Apparently the improved box is working as intended with ice still expiring and other food not. This is to say nothing of the reality of the real-world item they are emulating, the ice box, which had to be refilled weekly I believe, or at the very least regularly. There is also consideration for thermal dynamics and the fact that it is a survival game so nothing should ever be truly infinite. Everything should have a cost otherwise the game ends. I invite you to counter my assertion with anything other than “It makes my game easy for me.”

Also, Black ice is used in both items and Star metal only in the improved variety. I’m not sure how your comment about black ice is relevant, however by your own admission you are exploiting the bug so you don’t feel the need to gather star metal in order to obtain the larger boxes thereby making your limited ice supply be more efficient by cooling 39 slots of food instead of 19. I think that is rather the definition I was going for.

adjective: exploitative ; adjective: exploitive

  1. making use of a situation or treating others unfairly in order to gain an advantage or benefit.
    “an exploitative form of labor”

I donnoh. Does ice melt in the freezer, in real life?
And before you say “that’s cuz the compressor keeps it below zero” well yes, the black ice keeps it below zero as well.

If anything, it should be a feature valid for the improved ice box. Cuz like Mikey said, for something so vital to feeding logistics, ice shouldn’t melt.


You feel it’s a bug being exploited, but I am not so sure. There’s been SO MANY undocumented changes this patch, who’s to say which ones are bugs?

And for the record I am using the improved boxes, though I still fail to see how that impacts you in any way.

Also, this change is what makes refrigeration boxes viable, otherwise they’re a trash item for me, and not worth the hassle at all. Same goes for ice. So you argue it makes ice useless, I argue it makes it useful.


i was about to get the Preservation box as a feat, but then saw that i need to get Black Ice to make it (only 2 mind you) but i have to go quite north for that and am still trying to find my first blacksmith and smelter in the southern areas (can find the cook, but not any blacksmiths or smelters)

if the Preservation Box adds a lot of time to the food before it expires, i dont mind if it needs ice to improve the preservation further, but if any box shouldnt count down, i would say its the “improved” one, since it is “improved” :slight_smile:

but i also wouldnt want to have to trek to ice areas every day, since you can make a clay and sand fridge just using sand and water in a pot :slight_smile: but a slow fuel rate might be ok.
(i have my base near the start of the game, with the shalebacks and crocs lol, maybe most people start their base soon as they find water but thats where i am so far) :slight_smile:

(actually when i realise that a lot of dried meats and dried fish has about 15h of game time on it, maybe that will give me enough time to get stronger and move north some more, but until i can find some kind of Metal Worker, im just burning through my iron :slight_smile:

I agree, until now I haven’t built the preservation boxes because I’m not running to the north area all the time to get ice. I’d rather dry all my food. I think they have fixed them and made them useful. I think it should preserve your food and the ice. This way you can pull ice out to eat if you want to satisfy your thirst. :rofl:

Just to confirm: the ice not expiring when placed in a preservation box is intended. :slight_smile:

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ETA: That’s cheering, for the record!

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