Tamed pets decay while in the pen

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE (but probably applies to all)
Region: Europe

Tamed pets continue to “decay” while placed in the pen, producing resources.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Tame a pet
  2. Put it in the pen (or leave it there)
  3. Note that there’s no timer on the pet while in the pen, looks ok right?
  4. Take the pet out of the pen, notice the timer has gone down significantly while the pet was in the pen

Additional info:
Online official. So no, it’s not mods.
Yes, there’s food in the pen.
Yes, the pets are placed in the slots at the top, and they show up in the cages.
Yes, I am aware that it looks like it works - the timer is not visible while the pet is in the pen, but it’s still running


its the same for me and i think it is intended to be that way and if so then there is no need to farm rare pets to farm like goldvien rocknose. its just not worth it.

I don’t believe so, if the timer was intentional then it should at the very least show up, right now it’s just running along, hidden.

But you’re right, there’s absolutely no point to the rarer pets if so, I’ve had my Gold-vein ticking for some 24 hours, and it’s produced exactly two goldstone.

You still need to feed them inside the pen so they can produce resources. If you give them nothing, they’ll eventually starve.

Additional info:
Online official. So no, it’s not mods.
Yes, there’s food in the pen.
Yes, the pets are placed in the slots at the top, and they show up in the cages.
Yes, I am aware that it looks like it works - the timer is not visible while the pet is in the pen, but it’s still running

I think the changes they made to pens (First being selective of what pets they take, then taking everything), with other food changes made it buggy.

However, I agree that a timer should be visible so you know how long they have until they starve to death.

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Having the same issue. Logged in tonight to find 2 dead rhino carcasses in my pen. There was plenty of food in there for them. They just expired.

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Hope mine doesn’t die.

Took me 12+ rhino babies to finally get a greater one. Might consider placing it on map if that helps. Tough, I don’t want to put it in a random place as my pet pen area is not completely blocked as of yet.

We’ve noted this down as well - thank you!
Can you give me some more info about how long the pet stayed alive? When did you tame it and when did it die?

It’s not a guarantee I’m afraid - I’ve had “map pets” die for no discernible reason, too. Event log reads “(pet name) was killed by .”

Food timer had not run out, and there’s no message of them going hungry.

That sucks :confused:

Well, for now I’ll keep my greater rhino and turtle in the pen. It’s the process time to get them to grow the most painful, else I wouldn’t be as pissed on the possibility of losing these considering they eat easy food (Rhino eats bark for instance).

Really hope they add some taskmaster style thrall on the pens.

Same issue here all pets decay in pens with or without food. I had understood they do not need to be fed in the pens at all unless we want them producing. I had to turn off pet feeding on the server and remove all the pets from the pens to try and save them. Outside of the pens I have a food bin but also just put food in all of them to make sure at this point. So far they are at 100/100 health and have a timer on their food… but of course no production.

The thralls on the other hand do not seem to be eating their food either, their health keeps slowly ticking down even with food in their inventory and in the thrall pot. I may have to turn thrall feeding off on the server till this is fixed.

Hey tascha, the 1st 2 rocknose i tamed where from day one of the patch, the next day i tried to get some gold viens so picked up 7 more. Failing to get any gold viens from that i picked up 15 more and finaly got 2 out of it. Happy i finally got 2 i tried anothet 16 and got 6 gold viens from the lot. A few days pass with them left in the pens with 5 full stacks of stone and on the 14th the 1st 2 die for no reason. On the 15th the 7 die for no reason. Tonight on the 16th i most likely will find the 15 dead and tomorrow will find the rest dead.

Yep this is all symptomatic of that timer continuing it’s ticking, no matter what you do.

Inevitable death no matter if you are ordinary, rich (silvery, golden) or famous (greater) is very existentially poignant and Kierkegaardian I’m sure, but still a bug :bug:

The Existential Rocknose now there’s a clan name if ever I heard one. Almost makes me want to form a one-man clan just so I can use that. At the very least my theater for the performing arts now has its name!

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I am not having ago at you i am just upset with the fact the i did take the time and resources to do all this for 45 rocknoses to die in this way and knowing that because I am on an official server a patch to fix this problem will be meaningless to me as nothing will be done to compensate me for the losses

Oh I know how you feel. I spent most of my gold coin reserves buying rocknose eggs (it’s quite a trek from my location), and nearly all my collected shadebloom, to get gold and silver vein rocknoses. I’ll be rather miffed if they die, as I had high hopes this patch had been thoroughly tested.

And there we go, the 3rd lot of rocknoses just died today with the 1st 2 gold viens that i got. Tomorrow will be the rest and a simple update to stop the decay times on pets till a proper solution for this was all that was needed. Once thouse rocknose die i will be handing over my base to whoever wants it as i will no longer be playing or supporting this game once they are gone

So, as it stands, the pets are supposed to die over time. However, it seems that some of them definitely die too fast.

It’s being looked into :slight_smile:


Hey tascha, this information might want to be put up as there is nothing saying that normal pets will decay over time only babys. I have tried looking through information that has been uploaded already and if had of known this then would of not wasted time with the pet system at all

Wait, seriously? That’s… wow. Okay. That seems… wrong.

Also this.

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