Pets decaying in the pen

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The bug i am having is that pets are decaying in the pen. so far 2 of my rocknoses have died today for no reason as they had plenty of food. i checked the other pens that i have that are full of rocknoses to find that all the times on them are still decaying with even my oldest gold vien rocknoses having 24 hours left. It has taken alot of time and resources to get as many rocknoses as i have and for them all to die this way i am hopping that its not intended and would like it to be fixed befor i start losing more of them

place pet in pen with food
pet still decays even with food
time runs out, pet dies even with food still in pen

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Also posted here. But the more attention to this the better.

I’m having the same issue on pvp official server 3593. I’ve gone through 25 rocknoses so far. All have died WITH stones in pen in less than 4 hours. I’m about to give up on this game. The constant bugs, freezing up and blue screening is making this game unplayable!!! Fix the bugs!!!

logged in today to find another 7 rocknoses dead in the pen because of this. If this is not fixed i know that i am going to lose 14 normal rocknoses and 2 gold-viens by tomorrow. I was already going to give up on the game if i didnt get them gold-viens with how much resources that i was forced to drop to increase my chances and was really happy when i logged in to find that i had them. now going to lose them to this bug that dosent seam to be worked on and knowing that all the stuff that was wasted is not going to be replaced because of this stuff up is making me more and more wanting to give up on the game.

Same issue here but not just rock noses, all pets decay in pens with or without food. I had understood they do not need to be fed in the pens at all unless we want them producing. I had to turn off pet feeding on the server and remove all the pets from the pens to try and save them. Outside of the pens I have a food bin but also just put food in all of them to make sure at this point. So far they are at 100/100 health and have a timer on their food… but of course no production.

The thralls on the other hand do not seem to be eating their food either. I may have to turn thrall feeding off on the server till this is fixed.

I think* you can save your rocknoses by putting them in an ice box (with ice in it!). Of course there’s no production while they’re there, so… I guess it depends how much effort getting them was.

*they show no countdown… but then that’s true while they’re in the pen, too, so… at this point, who knows right?

Tried it for an hour and then pulled one out to see if it would work. Timer still went down

Talking about the ice box? If so, that’s a major bummer!

Same here on #1312. 5 Bears into pen, 3 die with lot of honey still available.

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