Found died rocknoses in my pen full of stone ... what went wrong?


I’ve 5 pens of 5 rocknoses, full of stones to feed them but apparently in one of them, they all died … there was 2 regular rocknoses and 3 goldvein rocknoses. I’m playing on PvE so i’ don’t think that people have been able to interact with the pen.

Could you explain me what went wrong with my rocknoses ? Is it a bug ? there is nothing in the logs …


They still decay while in the pen, after grown.

Per this thread:

You can check your others if you take them out of the pen into your inventory and see how much decay they have left. You can store them in the fridge to just freeze them, or deploy them out into the world. Haven’t kept up with that thread, just know I won’t be bothering with anymore Goldvein rocknoses or “husbandry”.

I didn’t see this topic, thanks !

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