Who eats what first?

So I have a Golden vein Rocknose in a pen eating stone in hopes of making golden ore.
I went ahead and obtained more gold coins in hopes of buying more Rocknose and making more gold vein Rocknose, basically making my animal pen a gold mine. (Kind of)
So the gold dust is in the first slot and has been sense the goldvein was still a Pebblenose. And has 1k stone in the two slots after that.
So here’s the question: if I add more Pebblenose with the Goldvein… Will the gold dust kick in and increase the chances of the Pebblenose turning into more Goldvein? Or will it just go to the stones and reduce the chances of turning into a Goldvein to 0%?
How do the mechanics to this work?

U increase the possibility of getting a goldveined rocknose at 30% when u feed him shadespiced gold dust… every pebblenose will eat 1 piece of dust/shadespiced dust in order to grow… when they grow they do not interact with dust (I advice a fridge for shadespiced as it has expiring timmer) … after they grow they eat stone and poop iron nodes and gold ore… I get around 100 gold ore every 3 days , with 5 gold veined ones. Same mechanics with all animals. They can eat their favourite meat for a % or shadespiced version for increased.%. They only consume 1 piece per pet in order to grow. Hope I helped

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Do not use the same animal pen where you feed goldvein to produce iron and gold to grow peeblenoses, because when you’ll place them you can’t control what they’ll eat to grow up.

Or if you are forced to do take all from it, place peeblenoses first, than the food to grow them (1 x peeblenose, best chance to obtain goldvein with shadowspiced goldpowder) and only when you’ll see them in creation queue place the goldvein and the rock to their places.


True and great advice… tottally missed it (even though I apply it)…

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Okay that makes sense… So… If I make two animal pens, could I grow Goldvein and then place the grown Goldvein in the other pen? (as long as I don’t place him anywhere?)

Yes, what I used to do (and still do when aiming for greater pets ) is this: I have a couple of fridges placed on my pen. I place gold veined rocknoses in the fridge, empty pen of stone /rock, add 5 shadespiced and the peeble noses… when they r adults I return stone and the goldveined/silverveined back in the pen along with rock , so they start producing again… and btw with carefull placing, u can stack 2 pens (one above the other)


sure, until you have the bad idea of placing goldveins on the ground (you cannot than retake them in your hands :sweat_smile:) they are just items with a decay timer of 7 days, so you can change the pen where you “farm” them without any problems :slight_smile:

Gross… So even if you feed them in the pen they still die in 7 days? I guess it’s a good thing I have 2 pens to alternate them to right?

No sorry, my english is bad and/or you miserunderstood me, in any case no.

When they are in your inventory, they have a decay timer of seven days, in the pen (even without food) they can stay like the food in a conservation box with ice, forever, because the timer stops.

I don’t think you need seven days just to pickup up a goldvein and place it on another pen :wink:

OH!! That makes sense! Thank you!!

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