Gold-vein rocknose broken

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Official PVE-C 1036 EU …

Bug Description:

gold-vein rocknose - assuming silver-vein rocknose as well not producing any nuggets gold/silver when feed in Animal Pean ( have Vanilla one not even DLC reskins ) feeding them Rock produce occasionally Iron ore, feeding iron ore / Coal dos nothing … Its annoying especially on Exile map where gold supply is very limited …

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Goldstone is not a guaranteed product. They produce stone 80% of the time (then eat it again, they are literally eating their own poop), ironstone is produced 15% of the time, and goldstone is produced only 5% of the time.


You have to be patient, they take a lot of time to produce gold. It’s a long term investment, if you need gold on short time you need to go to vulcano.

placed 2k iron ore in pean in 24h they produced 0 gold nugget’s

They eat normal stone, not ironstone.

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when you feed them stone - they occasionally produce iron stone , if you feed them iron stone they supposed occasionally make gold nuggets - that what they did in past , currently they eat iron stone , in 24h they did not produced even one gold nugget …

They do not, nor have they ever eaten ironstone while inside the animal pen.

The only times rocknoses eat ironstone is if you feed it to a Pebblenose to grow it into an adult, or if you place them in the world as a follower, then it is part of their diet.

Inside a pen, Gold-vein Rocknoses eat normal stone and have a 5% chance to poop goldstone.


Inside the pen is the only way to produce gold, eating normal stone. They eat iron stone only if you put it on the ground as a pet.

I’d say about, 1000 stone = 100-200 gold, (sometimes abit more) I got 3golds and 2 silver in my main Pen.

Besides the rate of gain is very slow even if you got five of them going in an armored pen. 20 minutes in the volcano harvesting obsidian rocks will land you 120 gold ore. The same as 3-4 days of continuous production of 5 goldnoses. How is this even comparable for the amount of space it takes up for your base?

1000 should get you ~250 goldstone.

Since the stone they produce will just be re-eaten, the only way out from the infinite loop is either ironstone or goldstone. And in that scenario, ironstone is 75% and goldstone 25%. 25% of 1000 = 250.

Used to have pens running. A 5 slotted pen filled with stone , produces 100 ore (gold or silver depending on whats inside) every 3 days… It works well as passive income…

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This. I have Gold Vein Rocknoses on an official server. They are working for me.

Whether or not the gold- and silver-veined rocknose are “worth it” really is dependent upon the player. I keep two gold-veined and two silver-veined in my pen, and every week I get about 120 to 130 ore. That fulfills my need for gold and silver. Also, it’s rather satisfying to toss in several stacks of plentiful stone and see gold and silver pile up over time.

Like others have said Fremduk, rocknose eat other minerals when they’re followers or when you’re growing them from pebblenose. Once they’re fully grown and in the animal pen, only put rocks in there. Two each of the gold and silver ones will leave a slot open and supply you with gold and silver ore, and at least 10 times more iron ore.

This here. I have 3 Goldies munching on 2k stone giving me about 16 nuggets every other day. It’s definitely a long-game approach with gold poopers.

fair point…if you have a pen up, might as well make it useful.

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