Tamed pets decay while in the pen

Sorry to double-quote, but I’m just floored by this out-of-the-blue turn…

So, to make sure:
Pets, fully tamed, in the Pet slot in the Pen, with food… is supposed to die anyway?

Yes, there will be a hotfix this week. The Purge meter needs a bit more attention though and won’t be part of the hotfix.

Slowly over time, yes. That was the idea. However, we are currently looking into adjustments to that system as it’s clearly not working as we had envisioned.

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Ah well there goes my last lingering hope that this was all a misunderstanding. C’est la vie!

This is surprising to say the least.:open_mouth:

To add to this, we filled the animal pen with baby wolves last night, put more than enough exotic meat in, and this morning they’re all dead with 30+ exotic meat left in the pen.

So now I have 5 wolf carcasses that I would at least like to be able to cook up…

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Sometimes the pens dont work and feed the babies. Have to remake the pen and try again if it dosnt start right away

What is the point of them dying? Some of them are not easy to get in the special forms (Gold/Silver Rocknose for instance), and they die even if you feed them? Wow…

Makes no sense…

Well, until they fix it (Unless it’s intentional), I’ll put my pets in the freezer then. That way, they won’t decay.


Could I ask why there is a system in place that kills pets over time no matter what? You guys have generally been pretty good of letting us know how the systems in place work (and I thank you for that), but this one is completely out of the blue and has never been mentioned before.

I’m having a hard time getting my head around this one. If you meet the food criterias, you should be able to keep your pets indefinitely (in my opinion). Thralls don’t age, buildings don’t crumble over time (besides decay), so why should there be pet aging and death involved with that?


Had this happen once to a wolf I tamed in the pen.

I started taming some animals, left for about 12 hours, 3 animals tamed fine and had 1 wolf carcass.

No idea how long it was alive in the pen after taming but obviously it was less than 8 hours.

Yes, at least for the rate those pets produce their special stuff.
Tune that up OR have them live on forever.

Because as it stands, I will only set up pens for my mates, as they are interested in pets.
(Yes, we started again, because of that one mate having shown up again.)
But me? I would have been interested in their production, but those are way too bad to be good. And then having them die on the owner? Meh. I guess it would be okay with those dying after a week or two, if iron/silver/gold had like a 20%+ chance to be produced instead of stone…
…or since rng is needed for them to be obtained anyway, they might just as well have a 100% “chance” on their special produce.


I had 5 bear babies in our animal pen, with 200 honey, and they were queued and growing with 195 honey left.

After a server restart, I now have 6 bear carcasses and 200 honey again. Somehow an extra bear died in there? But it’s severely annoying if my pens get wiped out on every server restart.

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Wow just wow … that the pets left in the pen will die even when fed should have been in the release notes for the pets system!!!
I just re-read them and it very much implies that so long as they have food both IN the pen and placed in the world they will stay alive.
That there is a timer on them in the pen that we can’t see is …well the word I want to use would be censored anyways so I’ll substitute “unfair”.

I’ve been slow to get pet taming … the three times my clan mate and I have entered the instance to learn the religion it’s been empty of bosses. This late-revealed knowledge along with the excessive large pens doesn’t encourage me to bother with it.


And my 5 baby wolves that somehow survived the restart have now mostly died as well.

2 left, and I got a grand total of 5 carcasses off the 3 that died… (Seems that when one dies, it’ll spawn an extra carcass on the first, so if you time it right, I guess you could get 10 carcasses from 5 babies).

Something’s really really screwed up with the timers.

Let’s see if the other 2 that are left will make it to adulthood.

Edit: Maybe relevant, I checked a few other buildings I have that are timer based, and they all seem to have far too many resources after the restart. So it seems as if whatever’s being used to determine ‘this much time has passed since last check’ is getting completely borked on a restart.

We are adjusting the mechanic so pets in the pens that produce resources won’t die as long as they have food :slight_smile:

For those of you seeing issues with babies not maturing before they die: Are you on official servers or private servers?


Oh my. Good news! Okay, muffins are on me! Where do I send them?

FUNCOM Oslo, I make sure the right person gets it, maybe…

You’re gonna eat them all, aren’t you?

Yes the mechanic is being changed now but thats to little to late when i have lost 45 rocknoses now. Now if i want to get them back i am forced to waste even more time in a dungeon to get shalebloom and forced to collect even more gold to even replace them loses

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Yes it is painful for those of us (me included) who invested heavily in Rocknoses on day one :slight_smile: BUT I’m happy they’re doing the (according to me) right thing moving forward.

What would Conan do? Certainly not cry about dead rocknoses! Okay doing what Conan would do literally is usually not a good idea, as it’ll get you shot and/or arrested, but…


I am not crying, I am angry that a hidden mechanic was put into the game without being told about it. It breaks the trust with the consumers when a company dose something like this and if we had of known about it then we would of pushed back against it or ignored the pet system all together