Babies aren't eating in the taming pen

Private Server Pvp

I’ve placed 6 different animals (1 rhino, 2 wolves, and 3 frost wolves) in a T3 pen and all have died while there are several stacks of meat and berries.

I put the rhino and one frost wolf and normal wolf pup in a T3 pen. On the pen was a stack of each plant fiber, highland berries, Exotic flesh, exquisite flesh, and savory flesh. I went to check on the progress about every 15-20 minutes and after about an hour the all 3 were corpses. the same happened after I put in 2 more frost wolves and a normal wolf. They each eat one item on entry and then don’t seem to eat anymore before dying. I’ve spoken with our server admins and it seems that they haven’t touched any of the pet stats server side. Is this just a T3 bug or is there something that is wrong in my understanding?

I had 2 jaguar cubs and a rhino calf in my t3 overnight. And they were all producing dung this morning. So no problems here. Btw i play on official PVE

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