Pet Taming Question



Before I post a bug report, can I check I haven’t missed something obvious?

I put a young panther, bear and rhino in the armored animal pen yesterday. I supplied exotic flesh (panther) plant fibre (rhino) and honey (bear).

The panther completed just fine. The rhino and bear each took just one unit of food, and now about 12 hours later they are both apparently stuck on around 25%. According to the wiki they should be finished in 6 hours.

Any ideas?


For the bear I would put some berries into the pen, that worked for me to grow the bear to adulthood.


It’s always good to mention if you play online or single player.
If Single player, did you change any settings?

If online:
Are you playing on a private or official server?


Sorry, should have said.
Online - PVP - EU - Official Server


Sounds like a bug to me. I have Jags and Rhinos in right now and they are taming at the same pace.


Something buggy for sure. I put them in together and the progress bar started for all of them. Panther completed in around 4 hours. After 12 hours Rhino and Bear were around 25%, but just checked again (so about another 2 hours) and they have both jumped to about 50%. I’ll keep tracking it and make a bug report if necessary.


Please do, in the PC section, with as many details as you can, if it keeps acting up. This will make it easier for us to reproduce if necessary. Thank you!


It will be interesting to find out if you end up with a “greater” version of the bear and rhino.
I’m thinking of comparing the maturing of baby to adult pet to that of breaking different ranks of thralls… where a t4 thrall takes significantly longer than a t1… does a greater take longer than an ordinary…


Determining greater/normal only occurs at the end of taming doesn’t it? In which case, it shouldn’t “know yet” what the result will be. My tests certainly suggest they take the same amount of time.


Both Rhino and Bear completed before I logged on again 16:00 UK time today, so they took between 12 and 18 hours - the wiki gives 6 hours for both.

Rhino turned out regular, the Bear was a Greater Bear.

I won’t file a bug report at this stage as it may simply be misinformation in the wiki, although 6 sounds correct.

I’ll monitor all future tamings to get more data and file a bug report if necessary.


last time i tamed it was these numbers
Shade Spiced food was about 4 hours for any pet
regular food about 6. (though i always use shade spiced after the first few times, so i don’t know if the “level” of regular food will differ the times outside of the 6)
that was on
PS4 US official PvP


I dunno, the food is consumed when the process of growing a pet to adulthood begins. I suppose it could add a modifier that is applied at the end but it could also predetermine outcome.


You can change the food as you go I believe so predetermining wouldn’t make much sense.


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