Animals in pen no progress in taming

Animals can no longer be tamed. Have made several attempts. All pen species affected. Food available. Growth progress does not increase. Restarting the game and a new score did not bring success. The first time the error occurred, a rhino despawned in the pen after being tamed. Since then, animals no longer grow in the pen. I have adjusted server settings to 10 times the speed in the pen. Again, no success.

Greetings J.Wittkowski!
Thank you for reporting your situation regarding your animal pen.

In order for our team to properly assess the issue, could you please let us know if you are using mods and, if so, if you tried to remove them?

Thank you in advance!


Thanks for your reply.

No I do not use mods. The bug occurred when I played on Sologame on Isle of siptah. I had a rhino in level 1 pen. Wanted to check after a few hours if the animal is ready. However, it was no longer in the pen. Since then, there is also no progress when I put other animals in the pen.

The animals are then in the queue as usual only the progress bar does not increase.

I have reinstalled the game via Steam. So far without success.

The only admin setting is Loot 2.0

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That’s your problem right there.
Thrall / Animal training speed is a multiplier of the time it takes… and not the speed despite the name.
So in order to increase it you have to set the value below 1.
1=100% speed, 0.5=200% speed etc.

Ah okay thank you.
Then it still doesn’t explain to me why the rhino is despawned in the pen. I have now tried it again with a lynx in the new game state, there it worked again. But thanks for the hint about the setting.

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hmmm :thinking:
There used to be a bug in the game that affected Hyenas only as far as I know.
Whenever the hyena would become a Greater one, it would just vanish from the pen as soon as it’s completed training so you could only get normal hyenas or nothing. That bug has now been fixed for hyenas in 3.0, however it wouldn’t surprise me if the same bug was also present for Rhinos too, because there are “Greater Rhinos” in existence as human pets, not just Black and White rhinos, yet I haven’t really seen one to be fair aside from admin spawning… although I didn’t tame enough rhinos to be sure… but it would be an explanation

Good point. I’ll keep an eye on it over time to see if it continues to happen that certain species disappear into the pen when they are fully grown. Since I tend to gamble on weekends, I can’t check this every day.
But thanks for your feedback

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