Can anyone confirm if this is true?

A player on an official server told me that each clan is only allowed “2 bases with a max of 200 foundations and a third temporary base of 100 foundations”. According to them, any more than that warrants a ban across all servers. They also mentioned a “list of rules” but I’m not sure where that is. What would be legitimate reasons to get banned on an official server?

There are no such “rules” on officials. Private servers are another story. Dont cheat or grief by blocking massive areas and you should be fine.


Here’s the relevant part of Funcom’s policy on harassment and griefing in Conan Exiles:

In extreme cases, for example players preventing others from entering the game area by walling off the spawning area after character creation or completely preventing other players from playing the game in any other way, we may take action if presented with indisputable proof . Action meaning this behavior can lead to bans of the clan or players involved. In extreme cases please use contact anyone from our @community team and send them a PM to report these issues.

What this boils down to is basically what @Narelle said: if you cheat, or if you grief in ways that will completely prevent people from playing the game (such as walling off obelisks and starting spawns), then you might get banned.

For more information, see the official post about harassment and griefing:


Um. It’s great theory, but many have reported blocked obelisks and nada by " in charge". So, yea…

You can definitely build as many bases as you can defend and there is no foundation limit. There is absolutely no way you would get banned for that.

They were messing with you.


What they said above.


Blocking obelisks is not “walling off the spawning area after character creation” or “completely preventing other players from playing the game in any other way”. It’s just being a selfish jerk, which isn’t against the rules. Survival games have a strong competitive aspect where denying other parties of valuable resources could be seen as a valid strategy rather than abusing the system.

When playing online with other people, everyone is responsible for everyone’s enjoyment. Unfortunately, many people think everyone else out there exists just for their amusement. And even when they’re not being intentionally jerks, people have fun in different ways. What one person sees as fair competition, someone else sees as being abusive.

That’s why I play Single-player. I don’t want a random person ruining my enjoyment, and I don’t want to be the random person who ruins someone else’s enjoyment.


On PvP or PVE?


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