Official server

Is it possible to play official servers with 5+ ppl without getting the banhammer? Please if so tell me how

Read and follow the terms of service, all 5 of you.



You can read the Official server guidelines here:

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I think that solution should say: “Read, follow and understand the terms of service, all 5 of you.”

Because reading and understanding seems impossible for some people due to the way the ToS is written. Specifically the phrase: “…and other areas of the game.” needs clarification!

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I’m more coming from a standpoint that we’ve already had our base deleted on another server and we didn’t have “land claim” but yes the solution is rules need to be a bit more clear

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Yup, and the reason it needs clarification is because it seems Admins are acting on their interpretations of that phrase quite a lot. Which is fine - if we are all operating from the same understanding.

This one suggests that building walls around Obelisks preventing people from leaving the area once fast traveling to the Ob is off-limits, although, with the recent update, the building is restricted around their radius so that’s taken care of for everybody. Purposefully blocking dungeons so people cannot enter or leave them is not allowed. Creating a chain of foundations blocking the spawn of brimstone at the EL salt lake would be against TOS because then a player can not harvest brimstone. Also, building on top of the spawn location of a world boss or even unique animal spawns like sabertooth cubs would be considered content blocking.

Long chains of foundations, fences or walls taking up a large portion of a map grid solely to claim territory is abuse of the land claim system. Players do this to keep others from building too close to them or simply to feel like they have a “kingdom” of sorts.

Ever seen a building over 100 stories tall? Sometimes players like to see how high they can build on the map, and all those pieces take up memory on the server. Gigantic staircases from one island to another can arguably be responsible for poor server performance causing unnecessary lag.

Thank you for pointing out the obvious

Your post and confusion about being banned for building suggested it was not obvious to you.

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