Can I get banned from testlive

For having too many bases?

As no one has come back; well pretty damn few, to testlive to test, the system is breaking down. Maprooms are decaying so I have been replacing them.

I could do just transtone bases but why not make it easy for everyone even if that everyone may only be one or two more people. I have mine by my base open to all, just put one by the sink hole and another by the Dreggs; note the slug is still glitching. I intend to put one more by the temple of frost. So 4.

I have my main base; my favorite spot in the jungle. A bridge :astonished: A temple and a transtone base; my hunting lodge close to; but not that close, the stygion keep. So 4 more.

I intend to set up 2 or 3 more transtone bases, and a raidme base to check the “purge” loot, so 12 builds total. And feeling a bit self conscious about it. Yes I’m treating test like a private server, and know it will stop being updated, but it’s running fairly smoothly; in comparison.

Am I worrying for no reason?

That just seems like a lot of land claimed by me. If I get in to the volcano and there is no maproom, add another build.


The answer is no one knows, and no one from a position of authority has ever made an official statement about what are, and what aren’t bannable offenses on official servers for the most part. There’s some very ambiguous guidelines, but that’s about it.

I would say you’re worrying for no reason under typical circumstances, especially since it’s a beta server, but with the people Funcom outsources their moderation too, nothing’s out of the question in my opinion.

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I think as long as they’re not all gigantic you’ll be fine.

The bridge is the only thing I’d worry about but in the same breath it’s testlive.

On a regular official my clan has a main base at the Keyhole, I think six open teleporters, and two public map rooms. One at the Sinkhole with an elevator, one at the Volcano with fountains. Floating around 3.5k pieces overall.

(All of the following is just based on my interpretation of what has been stated - it should not be taken as gospel)
Firstly, as others have said, - beta server so might just be fine with pretty much anything that doesn’t actually overload the system - I imagine the beta servers probably receive little if any direct moderation (because, in theory, they shouldn’t need it) - that said, I only ever used testlive in single player, so what do I know?

Main point - the ‘bridge’ - I’ve seen this brought up a few times and I feel like Umboris’s point may have been slightly different from the way it is sometimes interpreted. I’ve seen many people treat it as any bridge is inherently an ‘offense’, but that doesn’t appear to be what he actually said. The actual statement was that bridges and roads could be a problem because they can act as a form of landclaim, even if they are intended for everyone’s ‘convenience’. I took that to mean long structures - say if someone built a long ramp up to the Tower of Bats (assume they somehow avoided despawning a lot of the nearby iron) - available to everyone, saves everyone the climb. But, of course, it would claim a long section of territory in the process, and therefore would likely be a problem. On the other hand - building a small keep on each side of a river and then linking the two with a short bridge would (in my view) likely not be a problem - since this would not claim additional territory and would, if anything, make it easier for other players to pass through/below the base in question (so blocking less of the valley).

That is the thing with build ‘rules’ based on interpretation (and I know I hardly need tell you this) - each individual player (and admin) may potentially view the guidelines slightly differently. Treating the examples given as some sort of exact rules that say x is allowed but y is not allowed would be a mistake - somewhat akin to trying to define a set of clear rules regarding what is or is not Art. (This, of course, is also why the admins are not willing to say from a screenshot whether or not something is a violation - they need to investigate the whole situation.)

A claim block system, as you have suggested previously, could have definite advantages, but I’m not convinced that it is ‘the solution’ (aside from anything else, it would still be possible to load up so much decor within the claim zone that it would likely cause problems). Setting a ‘fair’ size on it would be extremely difficult, since size of a base is not the defining feature that sets whether something is a violation (though can certainly contribute). And, as you have found on the beta server, there may be legitimate reasons for needing multiple outposts around the map - so a single landclaim per player (or even a few per player) might not be enough, depending on the circumstances, but could also just as easily still be too many. And, of course, that’s without even getting into the question of what happens to all the buildings that were built before a claim block system was introduced - we see the ‘outrage’ from players who misunderstood the decay timers (or suffered from a glitch with them), imagine if every player on the public servers lost everything on the same day… I’m not saying a landclaim system couldn’t work, but I suspect there would be a lot of problems (not to mention dev time that could be spent elsewhere).

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I doubt it would ever warrant a ban; the idea is to test, not live there, so if a base was blocking new content to test (or was a problem) a ticket to zendesk explaining that would possibly get it removed, but it would likely end there. Convenience items in test are useful; it gets people where they need to be quickly to test content in a short time period. Its not intended as a permanent place to play, so no one should have a sense of permanency for their structures. Probably the only reason they don’t get wiped each time is to keep the maprooms and brdges in place.

The bridge is one I built as an example. My issue with bridges is I use the water ways as a transit system, I auto swim a lot. If they are up off the water, I don’t care about them.


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It’s already been clarified that having bases is not a problem. So really you should never be suspended/banned for multiple.

It’s been established that having bases that interfere with other players is a violation. Like having a bunch connected all over the map with “roadways” or “bridges”. You could have 20 but there’s one blocking passage. Or 30 and there’s one blocking a unique spawn, resource or POI.

So make your transportory stone buildings and outposts. You’re one of the few taking the time to give enough of a shit to test and make reports. Unpaid. Then be ignored having done all that work and the update goes through.


That’s the reality of it. They ignore everything that gets reported.

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Considering youve mocked those that have gotten banned for all the things you just listed, I would get a laugh if you did get banned on the testlive for the same reasons.

Till then, play the game and have fun doing it.

YOU knowingly violated the ToC repeatedly and each time, rather then except the responsibility you blamed it on roaming HOA agents bouncing from server to server just to report people. That is quite deserving of mockery.

None of this is an actual ToC violation. My worry was having too many bases. 0 individually violate the ToC.

If you follow the rules there is no “till then”. That philosophy is why you aren’t on the public servers now.

And I know spam reports are a thing, on PVP servers.

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Aside from the possibility of Nem having knowingly broken the rules I want to point out that there are a few known individuals in the PVP community that did in fact visit servers with the sole purpose of reporting bases.

I watched a live stream of one. Tragic.

The bridge could be considered decorative on Officials and probably would be subject to a suspension and deletion.

But this is testlive.

I have issues with the “decorative”. A bridge can be decorative but sense you can’t swim with treasures a simple bridge is almost a must in some areas. I actually set it up so people coming back from Buccaneers can cross over easy to use my maproom carrying the treasures from there.

But I swim down to the bass set a couple fish traps and now it’s not so decorative. So decorative can be end run.

“Everything in moderation” is the best way to live and play.
A bridge is ok, a monument to your building skills is not.

More like my builds were there for years before the ToC came in, and since no one had ever complained, and I had compliments, why would I change what bothers no one? Until that is, some new person comes in and gets butthurt.

Laughably enough, my first ban remember was for a bridge, just like you want to build over the water.

Sorrry, buddy, were one and the same. Thing is, someone had an issue with my builds and reported them. Thus far, no one has reported your bridge. They certainly can its a violation. I can very easily say that you are knowingly breaking the rules as well, and you dont care because its not bothering anyone.

Thats why I said play the game and have fun. Haters always going to hate and report everything they dont like. Most likely though, those types of people to get butthurt arent playing on the testlive, so youre more then likely safe.

No, Im not on officials now, because of two things: Piss on funcoms idiot rules that were made up by children whove never been told no, and second, Ark Ascended is more fun. Im free to return to Conan officials whenever I want to, but with all the changes they keep making, I see little value in doing that.

And there you go. Like pulling the string on a do… action figure. Always some one else fault, right?

We are not at all the same. Think the fact I can still play on the officials is proof enough for that.

No I’m pretty sure it’s 3 :smile_cat:

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There will always be someone butthurt about other peoples builds and report them. The stuff you listed in your first post, are they really all that bad? No. I dont see any issues. You dont. Many people wont.

But the thing you dont understand is that someone will, and that someone will report you for land claim. But again, being on testlive which is nearly dead, odd are unlikely. That being said, its still land claim so it can still be called a violation.

But youve already built them right? If you did, dont be so high and mighty when others are banned for exactly what youre doing.

The moment you are forced to walk to your base while carrying a treasure, either admins allow a few well placed modest bridges or transportory stones will crop up everywhere. Otherwise the game becomes a walking simulator.


Yes, because it has nothing to do with ToC violations :roll_eyes:
For the life of me I fail to comprehend why you fail to comprehend that.

Show me one person that got banned for what I am doing.

I’m sure we went all over this when the treasures were introed. I don’t think funcom ever came out one way or another.

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Because some people can look at a bridge over water and say “Hey, thats nice having that there” and you will get the next person that says “Yup Im reporting that violation”

Its breaking the rules. Some people, heck most people do not care about things like that. Extreme spider webbing or something like that is different.

Thats why I said some butthurt person will report it, because some people feel the need to report everything they see.

I see you never pay attention when we talk. My first ban was for a bridge. Nice to meet you.

And some people don’t feel the need to make excuses for their rule breaking.

No that was a thoroughfare. The difference is ginormis.

pro·por·tion·al·i·ty /prəˌpôrSHəˈnalədē/
noun: proportionality; noun: proportionalities

  1. the quality of corresponding in size or amount to something else.
    “the requirement of proportionality of punishment to offense”.
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Should I point out that you started the topic by showing that you are violating the ToC?

So now small violations are ok? Laughable.

Do you see how you’re trying to justify your own violations by seeking public approval? Oh my builds are ok, they’re small. Remember, like Ive stated numerous times, all builds are ok until someone whose butthurt comes along to report it.