Can not cook on Campfire

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I put in 99 coal on the top next to play button and 50 raw savoury and can not cook the play button is gray

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Try using dry wood (same burn time as coal) or wood?

Or re-clicking l2.

Did you burn something else? game will pause it, when burning wood, before it tries to do another type of fuel.

I happen be near mine, and threw in some coal, and its cooking.

did that still don’t work, even made a new campfire is still want’t let me cook on it

The fuel and uncooked items go into the campfire’s normal inventory slot. The single slot above the rest is for a crafting thrall such as a Cook.
Funcom changed how PS4 and Xbox users start their workstations. For ps4 you use L2 now and Xbox you use LT (left trigger).


On PS4, use the left trigger to start and stop the station. The play button is not active.

I was gonna mention it, But you can not place fuel or food in thrall slot. (which is how i thought they worded it)

I couldnt place anything there.

thank everyone cooking now

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