Can not craft any of the new things in DLC

is there a bug with the new crafting things like the treehouse and armors that are in the expansion? they are marked red for me even that i am filling leveling and building requierments.

Have enough feat points?

it shows that it requieres 0 points to unlock (treehouse requires master mason) armors only lvl 10 i am lvl 40

What are you trying to craft exactly? Treehouses are part of the Derketo DLC. You can use any foundation on a tree though not just the treehouse ones.

well that is what i wanted to build, and the armors i want craft is Dark Templar and Guardian Armors, i own all the expansions so i don’t know why it is showing red square with a green triangle with a green arrow in the top right corner and the treehouse building things show the same.

Did you check to see that they are all installed properly?

Did you get the prerequisite feats unlocked? You can’t make armor without armorer. After that they’re automatically unlocked. Exit your UI and go look in an armorer bench.

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