Can’t get to dreggs boss , the serpent

My friend and I went to the dreggs 2 days ago. We tried to go back and defeat the serpent. We went the day before that and I died while he ended up killing the serpent boss. So when we went back 2 days ago we couldn’t get past the first door, the water wouldn’t rise after the door. I thought maybe it wouldn’t let us because he already beat the boss and we are in a clan. But I went alone yesterday and the water still won’t rise so I can’t get to the boss. Is there someone in there battling the serpent and that’s why I can’t get to it, the game won’t let us beat it twice , even though I still haven’t technically beaten it? Does anyone else have this issue or any ideas? I am on an official server.

Also, I watched a video on YouTube (PC game video) and the guy was shooting arrows at a target to trigger the water but I don’t remember us doing that the day before when we did get to the serpent.

You need to shoot targets for the water to rise.


Yeah when I did it I had to shoot targets to make water rise.

Thank you. I was confused because of the day before. We didn’t hit those buttons. Oh well, here I go