Can’t loot self

Game mode: [Online | official server
Problem: | Bug
Region: North America
Died off obliesk by ruins of Xulian by frostbite ( silent legion armor on) went back and looted my body but couldn’t get the chest and boots of god breaker and a legendary sword. Now I can’t move thralls from vault to position. My character says she got 132 overweight but I can’t manipulate screen to show where that weight is when everything is off

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Never mind. Logged in and out and then I could manipulate the inventory properly which was all of the things that weren’t showing up in my inventory previous to login

Repeatable with large inventory. Have to log in an out to be able to manipulate inventory.

Hello @Almanthea, could you describe the exact steps taken for this issue to occur?

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