Can’t place fighter thralls anywhere

So I have a Relic Hunter Slave Taker fresh off the wheel of pain and I can’t place this thrall seemingly anywhere at all. I thought fighters were supposed to be placed in the open world? Am I missing something or is this a potential bug? The message it gives me is thralls cannot be placed in this area but it doesn’t seem to allow it anywhere I go.

I’m playing on PS4 on solo. I’ve even tried to use admin and tweaking settings to see if I had something interfering with thrall placement and have not had any success.

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R you sure your thrall is a fighter? I am not just being a smart axx. A couple of years ago I was trying to place a new thrall in a bench my husband told me the thrall belonged in a wheel of pain. Once in a while I just have brain far xx

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Slave Taker is a crafting thrall (taskmaster). Can be placed in any wheel of pain or torturer’s bench. Cannot be placed like a combat thrall (archer, bearer, dancer, entertainer or fighter)

Thanks I didnt realize. I could have swore you could place them wherever. Alot of the information online lists them as a fighter and not just workbench thrall. Is there a place you can view the breakdown of things like this?

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The wiki page. Also checking the class designation under the potential thrall’s nameplate and icon style - shield (fighters), bow and arrow(archers) or person carrying a sack (bearers) can be placed anywhere. Any other icon requires a work bench of some description

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