Unable to place thrall


Game mode: [Online | PVP
Problem: Thrall does not place
Region: America west

I had a lvl 1 blacksmith and replaced him with new one. I went to place the old thrall on the ground. It will not place, I have tried putting him in storage, removing bracelet, dropping on the ground then re-picking it up but I can not make him place in the real world.

Not a problem for me really, just wanted to bring up the bug.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. use thrall for crafting
  2. remove from crafting to place in world
  3. will not place
  4. try multiple ways to make it work, place in storage box for long term clutter


Crafting thralls can not be placed on ground. Only in their stations


well that’s a good reason, never tried placing one before. Figured they would just be shi tty fighters with low health


Nope the workers at workbenches can only…well… work ^^


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