Can we block people on these forums?



I have been having an issue with a player on the forums here,can I block someone?


Yeah nah, not many options. I’d just start another account.


Darn it that stinks,hate losing my history here to look at certain topics.


Wonder if I can recreate or delete this account in general then


Maybe message an admin and ask for assistance?


Yea waiting on reply is all.


All I know is to keep flagging their posts. There is an option to flag irrelevant posts when people troll.


I think the ability to block a user on the forum would be a good thing. I can tolerate opposition, but some users are only negative and aggressive. I would like to not see their posts.

There is a way to hide threads, but that doesn’t block a single user. While there is an option to block a single user, it seems to only prevent them from sending private messages.


Yes,I don’t think there is a real way to block people here and it sort of stinks…


These forums are deliberately designed not to have a per-user ignore/mute/block list. If you find that a person is posting inappropriate content or is otherwise breaking the social guidelines (example: targeted harassment, constantly toxic, etc) then please FLAG their posts and we’ll look into it.

If you have any further concerns about a specific user, please DM a moderator or staff. Thanks!


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