I see to many people being flagged

I was of the understanding that this was a community with open discourse. Evidently not the case. An opinion is put forth and then a day later you are flagged. Why is this?


Here are the reasons you can select when you’re flagging someone’s post:

Most of the time, people get flagged either for being inappropriate (e.g. insulting someone or talking about politics), or for derailing the topic.

However, people occasionally get flagged for their opinion. That’s an abuse of the flagging system, and although we all wish it didn’t happen, it does happen.


Once a comment has been flagged, it is up to the Forum Staff (the Community Team and Volunteer Moderators) to decide about the flag. We can edit a post if it is just a poor choice of words and is easy to fix. A hidden post allows the original poster to edit the post themselves to make it acceptable. With each progression of the process, the penalties become more severe.



Thank you CodeMage for letting me know about this. And also thank you Cattibria for guidance.


Thank you!
My dear Kate sometimes people high jack threads derailing them!
Then again a thread can become a dual between members!
Members here slightly break the rules of the forum almost every time, but when the lines are crossed then admin must interfere!
From the very beginning when I was flagged I was trying to understand what I did wrong!
I was even trying to apologize to the bot :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
Yes I am terrible with social media and I couldn’t understand that I apologize to a bot!
Flaggs became educational, I tried to learn from these mistakes and be a better member.
We should always try to be respectful to other members in here and if possible try to fit our feet in their shoes! This way we will avoid useless PvP in here! Is it always possible? No!
Sometimes we get frustrated from the issues of the game, we express the situation in here and if something we read is against our opinion we go furious to the one that said the opposite and start naming. Other times some people just love to troll and spam and come in here to create tides!
It’s not easy for us to understand sometimes why some posts are flagged or why this person is silented! But the admin know and we should trust their decision!
Do they accept criticism for their doing? Yes they do, they encourage criticism!
Even this topic is a proof that they encourage criticism!
They want to read how we see things here, it helps them to become better and guide us better for the normal flow of this forum!
They are not enemies, they are friends, best friends actually because by hiding a message and not delete at once they provide us a second chance to be better!

Another beloved “friend” in here suggest us to “agree even when we disagree”. This expression can be translated like a political move! No, do not translate it this way, no way! The way I understand t is this…
The other member cannot see my expression when I type a message to understand my mood, so if my mood is misunderstood the only way to explain it is either to apologize or “agree” to our disagreement!

Make the first step back and give the impression that you wish to have, a conversation, not a fight! If you wish to have a fight, you are in the wrong place so flag is certain!

So flag system helps!
Is it perfect? No it isn’t.
Why it’s not perfect? Simple as that because human kind isn’t, but these imperfections is what making us so unique!

Respect each other and why not show some real warm feelings in here! We are gamers after all, sharing experiences for our beloved hobby!

Love you all :hugs:!


Hello Stelagel, you are a dear friend of my husband’s and me. However, when someone is flagged for their opinion then this is not OK
with me. You have played with us on several occasions and you know I am hot-headed. I have always been for the little guy. Me being 5 /1 and all. There are some things I will not be quite about and this is one of them. Take care


There are lots of moving parts to the flagging and escalation of moderation on the forums.

This one does not under any circumstances intend to imply deliberate bias. However, in any system that features humans, there will be human foibles.

Flagging is a tool for keeping the community within it’s own rules of civility. See something, say something. Like a neighborhood watch.
Unfortunately, especially when emotions run high, it is easy for someone to confuse things they don’t like for things that are disallowed.

This one sympathizes with your concerns.
We are unlikely to ever have a perfect forum for exchange and expression. But that comes from interacting with anything outside of the idealized world. Any good idea can be used outside of it’s intention, and thus sometimes accomplish other than good.

This one very much doubts malice on the majority of the steps along the way.
But we must also keep in mind, those who care for the forum due so on a voluntary and uncompensated basis. This means that this isn’t a full time job, and especially if some big ole digital slap fight breaks out while no one is on, and there are flags out the yin yang… Well, expect the thread to get locked and comments to be hidden (still viewable for the curious) while the mess gets sorta out.

A tongue in cheek jest is that while we have freedom of speech, we do not necessarily have freedom after speech (freedom from consequences of speech).

Also sympathy for the learned scrapping habits of being short. When we are quite used to being maltreated, it is easy to see potential aggression and assume a decisively ready stance.


Its simple. Flagging is a new pvp forum feature. Its like Zendesk… just report, report, report until you win and your oponent is out!

Its really funny when Forum Members playing the Community manager mod. It somehow makes them feel imperior. Its turning them into pseudo upstanding citizens, faithfull to the crown and you in the bad villain that dared to ask to many unwanted questions or is too critical.

Burn in hell villain, burn in hell.


It’s even funnier when you take the rather old and well-established concept of self-moderated online community and make it sound like a dramatic struggle between the oppressed supporters of free speech and the tyrannical forces of moderation.

We’re all waiting with bated breath for the next installment of your epic saga.



Something something blatantly derailing a thread and making it revolve around petty drama


To: CATTibria : In the future I will not post anything on FUNCOM. Instead I am going to just play my game. After a while perhaps I will have a better understanding of the do’s and don’t of FUNCOM. In the meantime take care.