Please change the flagging system

while a flagging system is ok to mark rude, offensive or similar Posts, I see often Posts that are flagged and when I read them I see nothing that gives a true reason for the flag.

So it looks, as if the flagging system is often abused to troll. yes. this is a kind of trolling for me.

From my point of view, if a post is flagged by a forum user for whatever reason, a moderator should check the post and confirm the flag, before it is hidden.

it is clear, here a people from very different areas of the world, but it should not be possible to flag only because of a cultural/religious dislike reason. I dont like prudery, should I now go and flag all posts that reflect this opinion ? No, here should only count healthy common sense.

So - please no support for offensive, senseless flagging.

I think the system is sufficient for the purpose it provides. Although, like most systems, it’s also open to abuse.

I have never felt the need to flag a post. However if I did, it would be due to safety concerns, and I would want to see an immediate response. Even if that is simply hiding the post until reviewed.

Yes, it should work. But when I read the flagged Posts, there seem to be only one or two of five flags that are valid.

What made me write this suggestion finally (this was the last drop) was this thread.

I myself was never flagged but I flagged 2 or 3 that were really rude, violating the forum rules.
What nerves me most are the flags in threads where people are humorous teasing each other.

That is pure prudery and I dont care if this has a cultural background. Even I do not want to hurt the feelings of another person, I do not accept censorship related to this fact…

Cheers :slight_smile:

Yes I noticed. I have witnessed numerous posts that have been "false flags":grin:. Better safe than sorry though.
I’d prefer to be troll flagged, rather than having something horrendous openly on display.
Remember there is a possibility of children easily viewing this forum.

If you have question about moderation please contact the Moderator directly or one from the @Community Member.
Moderation is never a Topic for Public discussion.