Can you host your own PS4 server?

I know I can use G-Portal, and have many times. I also know I can host a private server using the PS4/5, that is not want I want to do.

What I want to know, is if it is possible for me, personally, to run a Conan Exiles server, that I can connect to using a PS4/5, using my home PC server?

I’ve seen guides on how to do it through Steam, but I can’t seem to find the answer on if that will allow PS4/5 players to connect to it. I’m assuming no?

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Short answer Sony doesn’t want to us to have capability to do so. Proprietary issues. Not saying there is not a work around.

If there were a work around… Where might I go to find such work arounds?
Hypothetically speaking of course… lol


Hypothetical speaking I am atechnologically challenged wish I could help. However there is a lot of really smart and talented people in this Forum perhaps someone could pm you information.

hypothetically speaking, if someone knew how to do that, and were to DM me, that would be really cool of them.

There is some one trying to figure out how to do it on Xbox also. Hypothetically.

The answer is no. Cant run a pc server to host ps4 or 5.


Thanks for the answer :grinning:.

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