Self-Hosted Conan Exiles Server?

For Conan Exiles I am aware that I can rent a server from G-Portal OR utilize my PlayStation as a dedicated server. I do not want to do either of these.

I built a self-hosted dedicated server on my local LAN using a virtualized Windows machine. The server is set up, and configured correctly - but I am unable to connect to it from my PS4 in the online menu.

Thus I was wondering, is it possible for me to run a Conan Exiles server, that I can connect to using a PS4?

Any insight is appreciated!

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I asked the same thing out of curiosity once and was told there’s no way to do it and that there was no dedicated server for any of the consoles released to the public.

There are probably hackerish ways to accomplish it but if what I was told is correct then the answer is no.


@TeleTesselator is right :white_check_mark: there may be a work around however Sony doesn’t want it done and likely you won’t be able to get it in the server rolls. This has been brought up several times over the years


Edit hit wrong post.

Thank you for the insight I appreciate it.


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