Cannot login on website or ingame

I am already opened a case with your support and there is only an automatic reply which tells me nothing.
How long i have to wait or should I go in vacation for the next 3 weeks until i get an answer. I know, I know, the team is working to answer everyone, but honestly, I cannot login which should make it an emergency, because might be a problem on your login servers or account creation/reset password website/scripts.
Also the option for livechat seems to have vanished, even if some of your colleagues are still pointing to it as automatic response.
I would like to have an answer with any info on #1104100 ticket. Any info/attention to know that we matter.

thanks for your time.

Sorry for any confusion regarding the availability of Live Chat. You can read more about why it’s no longer available here:

Regarding your email support request, I can confirm it was received and is in our queue. Our support team is working to assist everyone with pending requests as quickly as they can, but please keep in mind that we work tickets in the order they’re received. We have to finish helping customers who have been waiting longer for assistance, first.

Customer Support can not help you with any account, login, or billing issues through the forums or other social media, I’m sorry. You have to wait for a reply to your email support request. Your patience in this matter is greatly appreciated.