Cannot Repair items in Bench

I tried repairing my starmetal pick in benches. I have all knowledges and I have placed the pick in the bench. It does not display information in the left bottom window. There are no actions available in the middle bottom window. What can I do to repair items I have created? This was not an issue last week.

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Ich habe das gleiche Probleme mit den Werkbänken, dass man hergestellte Waffen und Rüstungen nicht reparieren kann. Ebenso habe ich das Problem, dass man Gegenstände in den Werkbänken nicht aufteilen und Teile davon entnehmen kann, sondern die gesamte Menge an Gegenständen entnehmen muss und nur im eigenen Charakterinventar oder in aufgestellten Kisten aufteilen und separat entnehmen kann.

Ich habe dieses Problem bereits in einem anderen meiner Beiträge erwähnt.

Es wäre schön, wenn sich die Programmierer seitens Funcom dieses Problems zeitnah annehmen würden, da es bereits seit dem letzten Update besteht.

There has been an issue in the non-modded game, experienced in both Official PVP and PVE-C servers, that matches the issue the original poster is reporting here.

What they are describing is that after placing an object into the bench, there is no indication that the item is selected as evidenced by the “left bottom window” or “lower left” info area being blank.

The problem appears to be depositing an item or attempting to click upon individual items within your workbench inventory (might also apply to chests, I have not tested), there is no focus of the cursor position (from the perspective of the game).

The best workaround I have been able to perform with a Keyboard and Mouse is to use the WASD or arrow keys to navigate the currently selected item however you need to do it to get the cursor position into the workbench area. When it is NOT functioning no series of single mouse clicks with the pointer will select the item this user wishes to repair. They can’t even see the detailed specs of the item.

Once the focus is in the appropriate area, the object should be able to be interacted with, such as repaired or investigated for properties.

Another workaround is to drag and drop the item into an empty position within the workbench from its current position already in the workbench, which seems to temporarily assign focus to that moved object, but subsequent single-clicks will lose focus on everything once more.

The bugs are real and getting worse even within a release!

Aside: The forum workers at Funcom will not really address your bug report if you don’t follow their template guidelines, though. They like to think that if they can do this or that using their forum software every other user must also understand how to do this. You can try to locate that template and edit your original message with the resulting format.


None of my benches allow me to select anything. I can’t repair anything. Just opening a bench and I have no options to do anything it, I’ve given up playing, I swear its like funcom wants us to quit.
Right now testlive, 3 builds behind live, plays better.

I can’t drag and drop if I can’t select it, I can take stuff out of benches but it’s RNG, double click and see what pops in my inventory.

The weirdest part is this is getting worse with out funcom doing anything. I lost the use of my benches long after the last hotfix. The more I play the more quits working.

I’m sorry Deacon. This sounds like how I feel trying to continue playing the game, but incomprehensibly wondering how they broke everything that was working just perfectly fine a few releases ago (of course with other bugs).

Because you mentioned double-clicking I’m glad to read that it sounds like you are making use of a keyboard + mouse configuration. Even though it does not hilight or give feedback that an item was selected, if you can see your mouse pointer / cursor position it should permit you to move items about from place A to B. Of course you have to have a compatible Broken Filter selected above, like No Sorting, (but also not really like Custom any longer).

I know by writing I’m not really going to help you discover new methods of working around the problems, but just wanted to let you know we’re all suffering together.

Don’t forget to also try the WASD and / or arrow keys to help you make a selection. You can move Right from the backpack or up from positions 3 - 6 in the toolbelt.

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when the designated button for “take all” and “repair” are both “Q”…
who let that mistake go onto live servers?

but yeah, it seems to work regardless. Was able to repair my weapon.

I periodically check and revise my Settings, Controls as some updates revise these. Quick, easy, and means I get to mainly keep to the weird key-combos I prefer (like, what about left-handers?) AND I have no idea how non-pc keybinds work so this is only PC-specific.

Though the ‘Q’ key is workable, it wasn’t to me as I have a macro-bundle linked to ‘q’ at the moment. I also have an advanced gaming mouse that I have linked my combo-commands to.

I have had no real issue repairing weapons, armour, or repairable items. Legendaries? Well, I have to admit that not being able to repair them seems obvious - they are legendary after all (and I can go slay someone and steal theirs). The Durability decrease thing also makes complete sense - I certainly apply that during FRP campaigns - although, there should be a 1% chance of purely by luck, the repair improves the overal stats of a non-legent item.

Thank you so much! I thought I would have to rely on Funcom to fix the bug. I’m glad there is a workaround.

My current work-around is to drag the item onto the bench, and then repair/etc. Double-click or shift-click will not work. Should also note this function only as one at a time (drag one item, repair, drag next item, etc. . .)