Cannot repair redeemed legion helmet

Xbox series x
Usa 2880 official
Killed player and took redeemed legion helmet. I have knowledge of redeemed helmet, can craft, and repair but this one wont repair or accept grandmaster repair kit. :confused:

Just to check :eyes:
Are you trying to repair it in your inventory, or in an armorer’s bench with a T4 armorer?

The first will not work, the second will work (if you have silent legion knowledge unlocked of course).
What is intriguing is the “Grandmaster Repair Kit” issue. Have to ask, is it an Armor Patch Kit, or a Weapon Repair Kit :upside_down_face:

If you’re using a Grandmaster Armor Patch Kit, trying to repair in a Armorer’s Bench with a T4 Armorer, and neither of this options work, then yes it is a bug.

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