Cannot see/ search/ direct connect/ join on my private servers!

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Cannot see nor connect to privates servers of my choice
Server type: PvP
Region: EU, France

3 days ago, I was playing with friends on a private server called Canard Exiles, that was in my favorite list of servers. I had another favorite server too.
2 days ago, the “Canard Exiles” server disappeared from my fav list, I was unable to search for it (no result), a Direct Connect will give me a time out answer, if I try to join a friend that is already in the active and working server, Steam says that the server is nowhere to find.
I tested and diagnosed my connection and it is great (fiber, no lag, good pings on a normal adress, clean hosts file, clean DNS cache w<ith tries on different DNS etc), and outside this very Conan Exiles private server problem, everything is fine !
I tried a Traceroute on different servers, and the tracing stops before the servers themselves, for the one I tested (It work on a random official one).

Yesterday I did try the other favorite in my list that was still displaying, and I could connect.
BUT THIS MORNING NO MORE FAVORITE !!! What is removing my favorite servers from my list, and why are they just unable to even ping when I KNOW THEY ARE UP ??

1/ go to the online list of servers, and search “Canard Exiles”, or try a direct connect on, or even try to join a friend that is IN THE SERVER already (from the steam app)
2/ get a “no server found”, or a time out, ot a “server not existing” from Steam…
3/ favorites are removed from the server list as they do not appear anymore.
4/ ping/ traceroute the address “” from my PC : no success.

All of the above with testing from admins from the server, and server is active and working.

I get that the server is password protected so I can’t test for you. But I do see the server:

Could it be that there are some restrictions such as region or ping?

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yeah, favorites get wiped on irregular basis
no clue why, it sucks, but it happens
it’s probably been reported countless times, they’ll fix it when there won’t be more pressing issues
@Ignasis can you confirm?

I have the same problem on an official I play everyday on since I bought the game and also the entire server list of official that i can see at the moment is very little

If you are french as I am it may be a steam or gportal bug of some sort exact same symptoms , tried to add via steam and the ip given by battlemetrics to “view” > servers > add favourite and it shows as "no response "
I sent a DM to @Ignasis about my own issue , let’s hope that it get fixed soon after the week end is over :wink:

EDIT : hey @Hugo ( since Ignasis added you to the pm I sent I just wanted to bring this topic to your attention since it shows same symptoms ! In hope that it will help you )

I tried many things since my initial post, and still no response from that server… The 2 admins are able to connect, some other players (all from french locations) are able to get in, just me, and I cannot get a ping nor traceroute to the server, the connection just stops somewhere in a UK ip address. Which is strange because the server is supposedly in Germany…
I will try to contact my ISP, just in case.

Hey @Dreadmetis

You should indeed get in touch with your ISP to see if this is a particular issue with them. As a temporary workaround, could you try to use a VPN to see if this issue persists?

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