Cannot Transfer Character

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Region: America

I been trying to transfer a character from a pve server to the actual pve-c i am, i deleted my character from pve-c to transfer the pve character but when i join the server, in character creation the server transfer message appear and say i cannot transfer the character


  1. Delete my character from PvE-Conflict
    2.Join PvE server and upload the character to server transfer
  2. Join back PvE-Conflict server
    4.Appears character creator screen
  3. Server transfer button appears off and say “cannot transfer character”
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I’m sorry but that’s not a bug. The rules do not allow for transferring from PVE to PVE-C (or from PVE or PVE_C to PVP) - you are allowed to go ‘down’ the scale, but not ‘up’. Similarly, you are not allowed to transfer from unofficial to official, only from official to official (or official to unofficial). So I’m afraid that’s the reason it is saying ‘cannot transfer character’ - the rules don’t allow it - sorry.

If you want a character on a PVE-C server, then you’ll either need to create one on that server, or transfer one from another PVE-C (or PVP) server.

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It is sad you deleted your character and then learned this but does make sense otherwise you could gather tons of materials in safe pve environment and move in well supplied to a server where resources are more difficult to obtain. Good luck with your next move.

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We had the same issue until we read a reddit post. When performing character transfer, look down the (level) list to the right of the screen. If you see a person icon, you may transfer there. We went from a closing private PVE-C server and found a 10 player PVE private server. It’s not what we wanted; however, with the dwindling number of players on the American PVE-C servers, we had no choice. Honestly, if I could transfer my character back to single player, I would. It’s such a shame, there’s practically no more populated servers to play on that haven’t become so toxic, ridden with spammers and cheaters… Anyway, look for the little person icon to transfer and good luck.

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