Cannot use others map room

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1.Cannot use map room
2.Others map room issue says you do not own this

yeah its a bug, it will be fixed next patch :slight_smile:

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Lol i love this game i had to Run from noob beach to volcano and then again back to noob beach

Thats not only on map room check known bugs in 2.4 uptade post, i also writed about elevators not working , but then @Multigun answered me that its known but, so i checked them and there is many stuffs than not working anymore

everything owned by other players , you cant interact with like elavators, water fountain’s, map rooms.
its a known bug and it will be fixed for all of them.
the only thing is working is chairs and sofa’s :smiley: other player still can use mine.
i’m plaing on official server on PC

Fixed an issue where players couldn’t interact with many different placeables when they belong to another clan.

just now, should work again 1 gb downloading

I can see the patch but cant find patch notes
where did you find the info it fixed?
Edit: I do found the patch notes and yes it fixed!!

tnx found it already

Did it fix? I am still getting the ‘you do not own this’ message when interacting with the map-room, ‘unlocked’ doors, and AOC shrines. I am in SP/Co-op though but I don’t know if that matters?

for me it does fixed.
i’m playing on official server so no mods here, maybe it screwed up the mods in someway?
I never played with mods so im not sure but for me right now after the patch everything is working again like intended.

OKay just retested it. I can teleport with it, even with the ‘you do not own this’ message. So perhaps you’re right.

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Ahh nice at least you can use them thats great. have no clue to be honest why its saying you cant really wierd but i have no clue about mods so maybe others can help :smiley:

Actually addendum… I was testing out a mod that temporarily fixed the map-rooms. that’s the only way I got the map-room to work. I don’t know what other mods I’m using that would affect whether that works or not

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Because AOC is not updated, b ut RAW version of conan now works great with this, wait for AOC mod updates theyr side :slight_smile:

I’ve actually tested AOC and AOC was not causing the bug. I actually went through all my mods and when LBPR was added the bug returned. I’ve reported my findings there to that mod’s discord.

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